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Thinking Critically: Philosophies of Life

Michele Brown

Eastern Nazarene College

East Meets West Western Philosophy and Globalization

CP 290

August 15, 2013


For centuries philosophers have been examining the significance of life. Throughout the content of this paper I will specifically look at the following philosophies, stoicism, existentialism, hedonism, and Buddhism. These philosophies if adopted may contribute to ones’ own answer when determining the significance of their own life. The thinkers have established clear characteristics to each of these philosophies. I will discuss some of these attributes and share my view on what philosophy I identify most with and why. I am planning to additionally share what I do not like about the other beliefs.
The philosophy that most resembles my thinking is stoicism. I believe in God our only one true creator. According to a true stoic our destiny or fate is predetermined by the divine. The daily happenings in our lives are inevitable and as a stoic we have the choice on how to respond. Our reasoned choice helps stoics, like me, make sense of the world including both good and tragic events.
Although I agree with this thinking I must admit it is still challenging for me at times to understand why God has created a world filled…...