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Za’Qoya Richardson
The term philosophy derives from the Greek terms philein (love) and Sophia (knowledge). Philosophy means the love of knowledge. People quite often find themselves questioning what we know to be reality. If we went our whole lives without knowing the factual detail of our society, the world would be chaotic. People would make up their own rules and there would be little structure.
Back then during the Greek period anyone who sought knowledge was considered a philosopher. With that being said what would our history be like without scientists who have answered many philosophical questions in theory? Would there even be a history? These questions can be examples of philosophical questions.
People have the misconception that if two people have opposing views on a certain subject, then one has to be correct and the other is incorrect. Philosophy proves that there can be multiple solutions or answers to the same issue at hand. People have their own philosophy.
Some people misconceive philosophy with opinion (only). Philosophy uses one’s opinion to support good reasoning. Philosophy is supporting your position with an argument to create something logical. Philosophy can correlate with debate. Philosophers have to be willing to take criticism from opponents.
Philosophy has paved the way for a lot of higher offices and leadership roles. Government officials and politicians use their philosophy to manipulate what is going on. They have to deal with reasoning, criticism, and debate on a daily basis.
Philosophy is important because it is a very helpful tool for questioning “reality”. Philosophy validates things by giving evidence to support good reasoning. Philosophy is important because it plays a key role in creating a structure for our society. Some philosophical questions do have right or wrong answers. Philosophy gives everyone their own voice…...