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Project Proposal: Local Grind

To Investors Investing

PM592 – Summer 2011 Executive Summary
When you think of coffee in the Northwest, most people know there is Starbucks and small coffee shops. Coffee shops have become a familiar feature of American communities, not only for the purchase of a morning cup of coffee and snacks, but for mid-day and evening as well. With the introduction of fancy espresso-based coffee and drinks, people are spending between $3 and $6 for their cappuccino, mocha latte, vanilla ice blended drink, or other flavored drink that may be coffee based.
Privately owned coffee houses have been on the increase for over 20 years because they are relatively recession proof. Leading companies, such as Starbucks and Peet’s, are located in almost every major city in the US. Small unique coffee shops like the Local Grind are able to compete with these larger chains; they are able to develop competitive advantages by catering to the specific demographics of their location and by personalizing their services to cater local needs.
Our goal is to provide quality coffee related services and products by capitalizing on an untapped demographic that has many potential un-serviced customer. To accomplish our goals, we are requesting $100,000 from your company, as an initial investment to set up operations. We plan to invest an additional 20% from our own resources, up front, for the start up operational costs. Local Grind is scheduled to open for business as of January 1, 2012. The projected profits are estimated at $105,324 a year. This enables the company to meet our loan obligations within five years as shown as shown by the enclosed financial analysis. As you will see by the enclosed research and plan development, and with your assistance, we are confident in the success of this lucrative opportunity.

Project Charter

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