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CP-2 Theme Park

PM592 Project Cost and Schedule Control
Oct 21, 2012

Introduction The construction of the new theme park project is laid out for 180 days of construction to finish. This project has a start Date of Monday April 4, 2008. The preliminary cost is $4,449,920.00 and with a completion date of December 19, 2008. The theme park will include a Ferris wheel, Rope course, Climbing walls, Carousel, Bowling, Go carts, and a Mini golf. The desired walk through date is December 18, 2008 with a grand opening on December 19, 2008.
Executive Summary It has been 6 months since the start of the project and we now have 40% of the tasks complete. The actual cost so far to date is $1,230,683.00. There are many of the scheduled tasks behind in this schedule. The entire project thus far is behind schedule with a work performance index of .66 and 12% behind schedule. There are corrective actions that can get this project beck on schedule at minimal cost. This project should not be abandoned and should continue forward with the support of the investors.
Schedule 1
This data is being supplied from MS Project. The WBS includes all work that has to be done to complete the project from start to finish. The current WBS includes all the data and baseline, review date and the current date is set to October, 1, 2008. The project start date is April, 14, 2008. Nearly 6 months into the project it is set at 40% complete. This shows the project is behind schedule. The schedule variance is 5.98 days from the completion date. The new completion date is December 29, 2008 without any further changes.

The completed tasks are Site Layout & Site grading, Footings and foundations, Masonry, Frames, columns and beams, Slab on grade, HVAC Stacks & Vents, Electrical Boxes. There are also many completed tasks that are incomplete.
Attached is the WBS chart...

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