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Pocket Tissue Shopping Experience

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I often patronize the nearby supermarket to buy the necessaries of life on the weekend. There is one thing I purchase every time – pocket tissue. Because we often need to use the paper towels which are easy to carry.
One Saturday night, I walked around in the nearby Wal-Mart, then stopped at the pocket tissue stall. I’m going to buy 12 packed pocket tissues because I found all
One summer day, I would travel with my boss to another city for business. But suddenly, I found I didn’t have semi-sleeve shirt, and the business is very formal. The flight would take off in four hours and two hours had to be reserved for transportation and check-in. So I had only two hours to buy semi-sleeve shirt.
After packed my luggage, I took taxi to nearest plaza-Chicony Plaza. And I went straight to male floor. I walked fast to check every shop if there is any shirt I like. Just walked through two shops, one saleswoman talked to me passionately: “What do you want, sir?” I replied: “Semi-sleeve shirt”. Another older saleswoman inside replied quickly: “we have several styles here; you can look them for your favorite”.
I knew everything in plaza was not cheap and I didn’t like wear shirt (both full-sleeve and semi-sleeve shirt) at all. So I asked the two saleswomen: “what’s your average price?”“From several hundred to more than two thousand, what’s your preference?”. “So, pls. show me some shirts less than eight hundred.” I said my price ceiling. And I added:“do you have any discount now?”“Well, there are several styles has 50% discount and some are bestselling.”
Then first saleswoman showed me a baby blue plaid shirt, and the older one was busying in selecting more shirts for my selection. I saw the plaid shirt, and looked around display clothes on the wall. It seemed the plaid shirt was OK, so I wanted to try it. “Is this shirt size OK for me?”“Yes, it should be” After I put on the plaid shirt, saleswoman invited me to check myself in front of dressing mirror. Not bad. I planned to buy it.
“What’sthe price?”“Original price is 1299, now you can take it by 779.”“It’s not half price.”“Yes, this one is 40% discount.”“Hum, OK.”
My original plan was to buy one shirt, but I was not sure if we would stay there longer than plan. So I did offhand decision to buy two. “How about rest styles? I’d like to try.” The older saleswoman selected a light pink stripe shirt for me. Same process as before, and the shirt was also OK for me.
“The total price?”“1499.”“OK, I’ll check them to make sure no defect”. After two minutes check, I asked them to make out invoice.
Before I went to cashier desk, I asked them to ironing the two shirts thus I can wear them tomorrow. “So I suggest you do not need the package as it’s more suitable for your wearing in tomorrow; and if you find there arewrinkles in night, you can wet them by a little water. Thus, the shirt is OK for wearing in tomorrow morning.”
The whole process was less than half an hour.

For me, my target was clear: I wanted to buy semi-sleeve short for formal meeting. Since time was urgent, first thing I had to ensure was I could buy shirt in time. Of course, the shirt quality should be OK for formal meeting. So price/brand factor was not most important at that time.
For the two saleswomen, they did normal process as they usually did. But lucky to them, the consumer-I was in a hurry to airport and I wanted to get a change shirt temporarily. So they sold two shirts in a short time.
If consumers are in a hurry to something else, their purchase process will be very effective. If the target can meet necessary requirement, they will pay for it and go away. Clear target and quick trade.
Let’s we focus on clothes, so how clothes manufacturers sell their product to busy business people in limited time? Maybe set up store around airport and high speed train station. Just make sure business people can buy suitable clothes before they leave or just after arrive.
The target consumer scale is hard to evaluate. After all, most business people prepare well before every formal meeting. Anyway, there is market open for potential pioneers if their elaborationlikelihood model can meet the consumer requirement with reasonable cost.

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