Police Role and Functions

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Police Role and Functions
By Odweeds

What are the various functions of a police agency?
There are many departments within police department, there are various functions that each level of police agencies handles. Department function can be broken down into what certain officers do or what is the best way for the officers to help out with the community. Patrol services serving in the community preventing crime and assisting people in their time of need. Patrol officers handle different calls throughout their day on the job, some calls they will need different officers to handle a situation that may be going on such as gang activity which would be handled by gang task force. Dare officers that go to schools in the community and hold town hall meetings about keeping children off drugs and preventing them from getting involved with the wrong crowd that may be in to the drug scene.
Within the department help starts at the front window with clerical service window attendant. Clerical employee handles all walk in clients that come to the police station, and will direct them who they need to speak to or where to go in the department. Clerical handles parking ticket payments requests for police incident reports, keeping track of police data and various other secretary duties. Police officers of the department occasionally perform speaking engagements in areas ranging from drunken driving enforcement, crime prevention, D.A.R.E., police work in general, driver’s education, substance abuse education, or other topics pertaining to police services when requested. They also conduct licensed liquor establishment inspections, searching for and arresting wanted individuals, specialized traffic enforcement as needed…...