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Corruption is a phenomenon that public good uses for private gains. It happens in both private and public sectors. In term of government it’s defined as “the sale by government officials of government property for personal gain”. Also, it can happen in different ways and in different level from different positions and different countries, but this phenomenon is mainly widespread in developing countries. Even though, corruption is a worm within the body of society and cancer to economic and political development; but it can also be used as the cure for some people to sustain their life and maintain their economic advantages.

The major coast of corruption is increasing poverty and social and economic disparity because some officials take the control of the country resources and exploit public instead of distributing on society and creating job opportunity to their people. Because of corruption, Child mortality and hunger endangered the life of millions. In Angola, 1 out of 5 children die before they reach their fifth birthday and more than half of population lives with $1.5 a day. Hence, corruptions create social class and widen the gap between wealthy and poor and it causes further problem. For instance, the corrupted people send their sons and daughters to the world best universities, and other cannot even support their children to complete primary education. So, not only in terms of finance, but corruption creates disparity in education and other aspects of life. Moreover, corruption distorted the economic growth in developing countries and decelerates the paces of reconstruction and rebuilding. It’s the main obstacle of investment and discourages business. Resource curse is another cost of corruption. Most of the developing countries have massive oil reserve and other natural resources, but that oil created more problem and conflict rather than bringing

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