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Ponce De Leon: Early Spanish Explorer

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Ponce de leon is an early explorer. I am going to tell you that how his life lived and what he did for a living. This is an informational article about him so let's get into it.

Ponce de Leon was an Early Spanish Explorer and the first European to visit Florida.He was born on 1460 into a poor mobile family in Spain. He was also a conquistador. A conquistador is a conqueror. He became the first governor of puerto rico. Another fact is that, Ponce de Leon died on July 1521, in Havana Cuba.He wanted to find the Fountain of Youth and at the age of 51 and he wanted his on ships with 200 men and he landed in the easter of Florida.

Ponce de leon wanted to find the Fountain of Youth and he was the first person to explore in Florida.He settled

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...Explorers Men and women have explored all ends of the earth and made profound discoveries. Without these discoveries the way we view our world might be different. Ponce De Leon was one of these explorers that help change the way we view earth. Who exactly was Ponce de Leon? What did he do in his life, and what was his discovery that deemed him one of history’s notable explorers? I will discuss Ponce de Leon’s background, his journeys and his discoveries. Juan Ponce de Leon was born during the Age of Exploration. Documentation places his birth around 1460 in Santervas De Campos, Spain, but later documentation places it more at 1474. No one is absolutely sure of the exact date of his birth. Ponce de Leon was born of noble parents who taught Ponce how to read and write. As a child he served as a page to Pedro Nunuz de Guzman and delivered messages for the royal court. Once a teenager, he joined the Spanish army and served in military until 1492. In September 1493 Ponce de Leon was one of 112 men that traveled with Christopher Columbus on Christopher’s second trip to the ‘New World’ but he did not return with Christopher Columbus. While on exploration of the island of Hispaniola, now known as Dominican Republic and Haiti, Ponce de Leon survived disease and bad weather. He also endured shortage of food and water to help colonize the new lands. Forcing Indians into slavery. Ponce De Leon spent the early part of the 1500s in Hispaniola. He established farms, distributed land...

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