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Company Profile and Product Development:

Omron Healthcare, Inc.

Production profiles and product development


One significant issue with post asthma attack self treatment is the quantity of equipment that is utilized by the patient. When asthma attacks occur, the standard response of the patient typically includes utilizing a rescue inhaler which provides a measured dose of Albuterol, a bronchodilators (ST). Typical post attack treatment generally involves taking readings and administering medication. Currently, the equipment used in such a situation include the following devices: Peak air flow meter, nebulizer/vaporizer, and a finger pulse oximeter. One additional device (not commercially produced or utilized as commonplace asthma attack treatment) which could be a helpful addition would be a fan or air pump which would assist in airflow. A consolidation of such devices into one portable unit would lend to a more efficient and practical device which could make administering medication more convenient. Such convenience could mean patients may take better care of their respiratory health, in turn, bettering their quality of life, and possibly extending the their life.
Omron Healthcare Inc. is a subsidiary of Omron Corporation, a Japan based umbrella corporation which creates electronic components, devices and services for industrial, automotive and healthcare businesses. Omron was founded in 1933 in Kyoto, Japan and it’s healthcare division has grown to be a leading manufacturer in bio-information sensing technologies Omron Healthcare Inc. operates out of Kyoto, Japan, where they “markets and distribute medical, home healthcare, and wellness products.” Among the products that Omron Healthcare Inc. produces for consumer use include blood pressure monitors, thermometers, body composition monitors, nebulizers, and heart rate monitors. Among Omron’s professional products are cardiovascular assessment devices, blood pressure monitors, sethescopes and thermometers. Omron’s comsumer product line takes professional grade bio-information devices and adapts their use to be simple enough for the average consumer. The intent for these products are for monitoring health statistics and to be used in home treatment of chronic conditions.
As the following graphic from their website indicate, their target market encompasses both consumers and medical professionals.

The company is currently being run by president & CEO, Kiichiro Miyata. Omron prides itself with meeting a significant milestone on September of 2009; selling 100 million blood pressure monitor units. This milestone solidifies Omron as a significant player in the home health and professional medical equipment industry. During the 09-10 fiscal year, Omron Healthcare claimed 63.4 billion yen (733.5 million USD) in sales of its goods and services. The operations are completed with a staff of 4,037 total employees. Its US operations are conducted out of Bannockburn, Illinois.
For the intents of this profile, we will be highlighting Omron’s respiratory health products. Among the products which are manufactured and distributed by Omron, the respirtory treament devices are the ones which I personally turn to on a regular basis. Omron is the maker of

Product: A portable device which incorporates a multitude of necessary asthma treatment devices, with one currently unseen addition – assisted airflow.

With the vast array of health care companies out there, it seemed to be a rather monumental task to choose just one and invent a product which has yet to be brought to the market. With the vast number of creative minds in the field, one would imagine that most innovative products have already been created. It seems that exercises such as this acts as a catalyst for health care companies to stay on the cutting edge. Essentially, none of the ideas, which are presented, would be relevant if there was no market demand for the product. I started the process by targeting actively growing markets for products and programs.

As I sat deep in the blanket of Los Angeles smog and I plotted out potential programs and ideas, my body was preparing to lead me straight to a needed product. As I wrote, a city bus drove by, billowing out clouds of smoke and diesel particulates right in front of me. My lungs seized up, and I had a sudden asthma attack, followed by an episode of sheer panic. I rummaged through my bag for my Albuterol inhaler, and suddenly it dawned on me. There is no product on the market which combines all the necessary equipment to assist asthma sufferers through their asthma attacks. The items which asthma sufferers utilize as treatment after most attacks are as follows: a peak airflow meter, Albuterol nebulizer, and a finger pulse oximeter. One of the things which I wish I had during moments of breathing difficulty is some sort of a device (short of an oxygen tank) to help with increasing airflow, such as a fan or air pump. If all these devices could be consolidated into one single portable unit, a large asthma suffering population would likely jump on the opportunity to have much of their breathing treatment equipment consolidated into one unit. Now that the product has been isolated, the selection of the healthcare company which would have the capability of producing such a product has to be selected. I choose to profile the company which manufactures my Albuterol nebulizer, Omron Healthcare, Inc.

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