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Project Topic Proposal and Outline Week 1 Assignment

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PROJ 420/Semester and Session
Project Topic Proposal and Outline
WEEK 1 Assignment

Risk Management Plan for the (Brew House) Project

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Project Description and Objectives: This project will produce the full completion of a functioning Brew House which will serve the public local beers brewed from within the community. This project will be the creation of a new company; therefore, the goals and objectives are directly related to the project. The objective this project will meet is the ability to produce potential profit. This Brew House will not only thrive within the local community and offer a place to test the market of local brews under one roof, but will also offer a way for the owners to turn a valuable profit. Starting a new business in a new market is always risky, the main risk would be that this Brew House makes no or little profit based off of its investment. This project is high-level priority.

Objectives of the Risk Process: The main objectives of the risk process are managing the construction budget, the construction timeline, contracting local breweries, and finding good quality managers. The risk tolerable vary from one objective to another; however, all objectives need to be completed within the time and budget given for overall success.

(Instructor note: This is the opening step in your Course Project. Keep in mind that the project you choose will be what you will be working on throughout the course. The more extensive your explanation in this first step, the better you will be able to develop your Risk Management…...

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