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Psychology of Rape

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Rape is such a traumatic life event from which many victims never fully recover. Dr. Resick explains that “many victims develop problems with depression, poor self-esteem, interpersonal difficulties, and sexual dysfunctions” (4). Even though rape is a life-threatening attack, most cases go unreported. The psychological aftermath of a rape victim is something that is hard to understand when not experienced. It is important for one to learn how to address such psychological issues, because it is shocking how often rape crimes occur. Rape is an act of sexual intercourse by force against a person’s will. The use of force is key in the determining of a rape crime. By using such force, the predator can claim to feel powerful and in control. “Control is a constant and dominant factor in the overwhelming preponderance of sex offenses, regardless of the type of act or the age of the victim” (Prendergast 33). The victim is ultimately left helpless and powerless. Often times the victim is faced with having to give cooperation for their survival. Even though the act of rape may only last minutes, the victim is left with nightmares, flashbacks, and intrusive memories of the experience. One might wonder why so many cases go unreported when the affects of rape on the victim are so traumatic and long-term. Reporting rates of rape vary from 5% to 9.5% (Resick 3). Many women do in fact have experiences that meet the legal definition of rape, yet they do not define themselves as rape victims. These women may not feel like victims of rape, because of their prior acquaintance with the assailant. Of the women who do acknowledge their experiences as rape, only 8% reported the crime to the police. Only 13% of these women went to a rape crisis center or hospital emergency room (Resick 3). As for the women who do not acknowledge their rape, none of them have reported

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