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Pushing Medicine Into the Future

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Pushing medicine further
Stem cells are cells found in animals and humans. They have the ability to divide and reproduce themselves. They are unspecialized, meaning they do not perform a specific function like muscle cells or nerve cells. But they are also pluripotent, meaning they have the ability to divide and make specialized cells—such as muscle, nerve, or skin cells—and even have the potential to make entire body parts. Some may ask, why haven’t we tried to cultivate this form of medicine? Well, the attention devoted to stem cell research has fluctuated in recent years from being really controversial and not ethical. Well now it’s back and with more evidence and validity. We have progressed recently and found that embryonic stem cells were not the most successful and productive in comparison to adult stem cells, that hold more secrets to be unlocked and more uses. These cells have been proven to have therapeutic benefits, ability to help people with infectious diseases and terminal illnesses and will not be rejected by the body’s defenses. Adult stem cells, not embryonic cells, are the next best form of medicine we have to use to date thanks to much research.

Only time can tell where adult stem cells can take us. Adult stem cells can heal the body from ailments with time and apparently, with use of these cells they do the work in enough time. ”In the United States, reports The New England Journal of Medicine, patients suffering from corneal blindness can now see, and other suffering from sickle cell anemia have gone years without symptoms. In 2003 at northwestern hospital in Chicago, a man with multiple sclerosis received adult stem cells, and his symptoms disappeared in four months”(The Stem Cell War). MS is a serious spinal disease that requires a patient to wear an instrument of some type to straighten the spine and relieve the accompanied pain and...

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