Race Discrimination

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Discrimination is treating people differently because they are members of a certain group. Discrimination is an action that makes a distinction between people on the basis of class category without regard to individual merit.
Even though federal and state laws prohibit discrimination based upon
Religion, disability and sexual orientation there is still a lot of discrimination occurring, where workers face persistent patterns of employment discrimination.
The case that I would like to describe concerns the unfair treatment at one of the Companies whose name I would not like to mention.
The Company hires about 1500 employees and has about 45 departments. In one of those departments there is a group of 15 employees that are managed by one departmental manager.
The problem is that three of the employees, who are Indians, are treated unfairly at work by the manager. There is a lot of favoritism, towards the rest of the team, where positions are created to accommodate certain people.
These three employees are facing a lot of discrimination in access to job opportunities or promotions. They are constantly turned down for various positions even though they are well qualified to be promoted. Just three of them are not given opportunities to learn, are always working nights and weekends, and are never informed about the company news.
The manager keeps those employees aside and shows them all the time that they do not belong to her team. There is a lot of discrimination within the department, however no one seems to
All workers have the right to work free from unlawful racial discrimination and harassment. They have the right not to be treated less favorably on racial grounds than a worker from another racial group in access to job opportunities, in terms and conditions in which they are employed and in the opportunities they have for…...