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Racial Stereotypes In The Movie Crash

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The idea of the movie Crash is that all of the character’s stories are intertwined. While some characters only have one run in with each other, for others it seems fate keeps bringing them together. This is very true for Farhad, a Persian shop owner, and Daniel Ruiz, a Hispanic locksmith. Both of these characters faced racial stereotyping and almost landed themselves in a fatal situation. Early in the film, Farhad went to buy a revolver from a gun store. Because he did this after 9/11, spoke a foreign language, and looked “middle eastern”, Farhad was called “Osama” by the caucasian gun store ownerThis was a case of cultural profiling and warped perception. Because Farhad spoke a different language and “looked middle eastern” he must have been a terrorist trying to get weapons for his next attack. In the end, Farhad’s daughter had to step in to help her father get the bullets needed. Although she didn’t have a thick accent and spoke proper English, she too had difficulty. For Daniel, it was his tattoos. After Jean Cabot, the wife of the district attorney, was robbed at gunpoint she was looking for any reason to lash out. When she saw the Hispanic man’s tattoos she …show more content…
This is true in both verbal means and the perceptions people had of them. Because Farhad spoke little English in America, he was often subject to miscommunication. He didn’t understand others and they didn’t understand him. This movie was post 9/11 and with his accent and appearance, people perceived him to be a possible threat. For Daniel, he was also perceived as a threat. His tattoos, in addition to his ethnicity, gave others the perception he was a gang member when in reality he was a family with a daughter and wife. "Crash" is a prime example of how we as people need to come to the table with open minds and not allow previous perceptions to cloud our judgment of new

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...Crash Misty Ward University of Phoenix August 15, 2009 The movie Crash interweaves several stories during a 36 hour period in Los Angeles involving a variety of characters, an up and coming police detective with a two time felon for a brother and a drugged addicted mother, two car thieves that constantly discuss race and society, the white district attorney and his typical stay at home wife, a white veteran cop who does not hide his racist feelings from his young non racist partner. Also in the movie is a successful Hollywood director who coming home from a party with his wife crass paths with the white racist cop, a Persian-immigrant father who buys a gun to protect his store, a hardworking Hispanic locksmith and his young daughter trying to escape a dangerous neighborhood. Through what could be considered daily coincidental interactions, the movie seeks to describe and examine not only racial tensions, but the stereotyping that each ethnic group faces on a daily basis. Crash address the various types of diversity in America by illustrating basic stereotypes of each character’s cultural background for which they represent. The movie also address how society handle racism on a daily basis through interaction with each other, and how the view various races. For example the white district attorney and his wife were walking down the street. At the same time two African American men were walking towards them When the D.A’s wife sees them walking towards them, her immediate...

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...Crash: Of Racial Discrimination and Stereotypes November 3rd, 2011 Crash: Of Racial Discrimination and Stereotypes Directed by Paul Haggis and produced in 2004, Crash was the Oscar Awards winner of Best Picture in 2006. Aside from Best Picture, the movie won only one other award: Best Original Screenplay for Paul Haggis and Robert Moresco. Despite its little recognition, Crash is an important movie to watch. Plot The plot of Crash is not about a typical, narrative story in the usual sense. Instead, it focuses on a theme or message and weaves several linked stories to highlight the theme. The movie is essentially about racial discrimination and the consequences of stereotyping people. Set in LA, the story covers a 24-hour period. The movie depicts the stories of several people whose lives are intertwined by accidental and casual encounters, usually on the streets. The characters in the story are people of varying ethnic groups: a bad and a good cop, a group of police investigators, a couple of teenage robbers, a DA and his wife, an Arab family, a Hispanic locksmith and his family, and an affluent African American movie director and his wife. The story revolves around how all of these people have deeply ingrained prejudices and how they themselves could suffer from discrimination. Theme and depiction Discrimination and stereotyping of people sometimes happen as a result of reinforcement of the behavior of the people being discriminatory...

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...Title of Assignment – Move Analysis Paper - CRASH Student’s Name – Emmanuel Rweyemamu Professor/Institute – Dr. Lisa McDonnell Course, Date – SOC 1101 Analysis of Movie, Crash Introduction and Thesis: Written and directed by Paul Haggis, “Crash” was released in 2004. The movie highlights the trials and tribulations experienced by a various racial ethnical groups from varied geographical locations. Acculturation is not easy for these several Racial Groups such as Hispanics, Asians, or Africans, as the incidents in the film covering a time span of 36 hours, reveal. The characters are portrayed in the context of several ethnic stereotypes in prevalence, even in the 21st century due to ethnic differences. To illustrate, “The predominant modern stereotypes are the violent, brutish African-American male and the dominant, lazy African-American female - the Welfare Mother (Green, 1998-1999, p. 1).” Set in a mixed society of different cultures the aim is to prompt the audience into ‘looking into themselves’ and acknowledge their own personal prejudices; they are overt or covert racists too. The 3 elements of cultures openly portrayed are the language used, the norms maintained by society, both formal and informal. As far as how many viewers actually have the courage to accept their faulty mindsets, is left to them. While at first glance, the movie appears to send out a passionate appeal about ending racism and discrimination, an in-depth probe reveals that the ‘wrongness’ of proclaiming...

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