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1 Sociology - Presentation Transcript 1. 1.The Sociological perspective What is Sociology? Sociology is the scientific study of human society & social behavior. 2. What is Sociology? * It focuses primarily on the influence of social relationships upon people’s attitudes and behavior and on how societies are established and change. * The ultimate aim of sociology as summed up by Samuel Koenig is “ to improve man’s adjustment to life by developing objective knowledge concerning social phenomena which can be used to deal effectively with social problems.” 3. The Sociological Perspective * 1. The sociological perspective is important because it provides a different way of looking at familiar worlds. It allows us to gain a new vision of social life. * 2. This perspective stresses the broader social context of behavior by looking at individuals’ social location, employment, income, education, gender, age, and race –and by considering external influences –people’s experiences –which are internalized and become part of a person’s thinking and motivations. (cont…) 4. * We are able to see the links between what people do and the social settings that shape their behavior. * 3. The sociological perspective enables us to analyze and understand both the forces that contribute to the emergence and growth of the global village and our unique experiences in our own smaller corners of this village. 5. Subject Matter of Sociology * Sociological analysis: An analysis of human society and culture with a sociological perspective. Also to analyze the factors & forces underlying historical transformations of society. * Study of primary units of social life: It is concerned with social acts and social relationships, individual personality, groups, communities, associations, organizations and

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...SOCI2810 Lecture 4 September 28th, 2015 Public Anxiety AND Cultural Fascination of girls/girlhood Last Week: - Theorizing that says girl’s live in an externally hostile world - Splinters their authentic selves. Attack self-esteem - Result is girls lose their authentic voices. Can’t live up to dominant femininities - “Ophelia” framework emerges - See it in programs policies, popular culture and media for girls From Vulnerable to Mean - From the 1990s “Ophelia” vulnerable girl to the early 2000s: “mean girl” or “bad girl” - Who are they and why the focus on “mean girls” in 2000s? - “Mean girls” commit violence – ranging from indirect and verbal aggression to direct and physical violence - “Discovery” of girls’ aggression led to explosion of Girls, Relationships, Popularity - For writers including Simmons and Wiseman, popularity is a process that includes a number of positions within girls’ cliques: - Queen bee who controls and instills fear in other girls - Wiseman: girls’ friendship almost cult-like orgs - She helps girls understand privilege and stop exclusion - “Mean Girls” (2004) loosely based on Wiseman’s books 3 of Many Explanations They Offer for “Mean Girls” ➢ Naturalization of ‘girl’ category and girlhood: - While these scholars recognize a ‘problem’ with girls’ aggression, they argue that many girls have ‘successfully’ passed through this crisis time to become responsible adults, mothers. - “Don’t worry. Just a phase.” - What are the...

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...formed due to combined efforts of Marlon Gonzales (FIrst President of AdCreate Society), Erlyn de Rosales (Executive Vice President), Sheryl Go (Vice President for Documentation), and the whole junior advertising block of school year 1999-2000. Recent activities of the organization include its relaunch last July 12-15, 2010 and membership with Federation of Advertising Organizations (FAO), forming an alliance with Philippine Association of National Advertisers Foundation (PANAF). The following are the members of the Executive Board of AdCreate Society as of January 2013: President – Patricia Therese Lapez Amador Executive Vice President for Internal Affairs – Patricia Rosal Gonzales Executive Vice President for External Affairs – Reena Raphaela Nicdao Robles Strategic Planner for Internal Affairs – Erick Aguilar Razon Strategic Planner for External Affairs – Mariah Nicole Ang Tan Vice President for Activities – Jossette Abigail Lluisma Guarin Vice President for Accounts – Samantha Patricia Suarez Teano Vice President for Corporate Relations – Trixie Mae Siao Tan Vice President for Creative – Liza Marie Tan Lorenzo Vice President for Events – Jennifer Marie Phee Tseng Vice...

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...SURVEY FORM FACTOR THAT MOSTLY AFFECTS THE STUDY HABITS OF STUDENTS IN SECONDARY EDUCATION 4th year Question: what factor mostly affects the study habits of students in secondary education? Instructions: Put a check mark ( ) for the category that you prefer most NAME | YEAR AND SECTION | LOVE/CRUSH | FAMILY | PEER | ALJOHN MASOTES | IV-E | | | | CHRISTINA PADILLA | IV-B | | | | CHARLENE KATE GRACILLA | IV-I | | | | REYMART ALBANO | IV-B | | | | JOMAR BOGATE | IV-B | | | | HONEY GRACE VIDAL | IV-E | | | | ARRIANE GUATNO | IV-E | | | | VON JERIC DEPONE | IV-S | | | | HOWELL LANCE REYES | IV-S | | | | BRANDON MARK BRUTAS | IV-S | | | | NERISSA PANOL | IV-CDA | | | | MAY ANDREA ROBLES | IV-CDA | | | | JEZZEL MAÑALAC | IV-CDA | | | | ROMMEL BINO JR. | IV-G | | | | CYRELL ROSE CONDES | IV-G | | | | SURVEY CONDUCTED BY: SURVEY FORM FACTOR THAT MOSTLY AFFECTS THE STUDY HABITS OF STUDENTS IN SECONDARY EDUCATION 3rd year Question: what factor mostly affects the study habits of students in secondary education? Instructions: Put a check mark ( ) for the category that you prefer most NAME | YEAR AND SECTION | LOVE/CRUSH | FAMILY | PEER | ANGELU CLUTARIO | III-M | | | | ELMAR MONTEVEROS | III-O | | | | ELIZABETH ABAD | III-C | | | | RHEY MARK CASERO | III-M | | | | ANGEL ROSE MANULID | III-M | | | | MICHELLE HERALDO | III-P | | | | MONIQUE CONDES...

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