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Reflection in Management


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Critically discuss the importance of reflection in the practice of management

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Course: The reflective manager (MD4046)
Lecturer: Dr. Elias Hadjielias
Fall 2012
Assignment no. 1

Table of Contents
Introduction Page
1.1 General Introduction to Reflection 3
1.2 Objectives and Purpose of the essay 3
Main Body
1.3-1.6 Review of Literature 3-4
1.7 Personal opinion of the writer 4
1.8 A practical example of Reflection in a certain case 4
1.9 Recommendations from the writer 5
2.0 Summary pg.3 5
2.1 References 6

1.1According to the consultant Jennifer A. Moon reflection can be assessed as ‘a simple form of mental processing, closely related to thinking and learning’. There is likely to be a conscious and stated purpose of the reflection, with an outcome stated in terms of learning or clarification. (Moon, 1999).But the question now is what the elements of

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