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Final Artwork Analysis Art Appreciation is an understanding of great art. Great art is something that is produce by a unique artist that has come up with different techniques and styles that come from different eras. What is Art? Art is an assortment of miscellaneous things that are perceived by artist and the viewer. Art will come in many different forms and views based on the culture and the country. Art could also be a product which one will use their creativity to expresses a subjective. Many view art differently and that is what is as unique of us as humans to have different outlook and views. Today I will critique two pieces of art and give you my analysis on each piece on what I like and dislike. I will also give opposite views on both and end my paper with a conclusion.
Artwork I Like
The art piece that I like is Judy Taylor. History of Labor in Maine. 2007. You can find this piece …show more content…
Tailgate (OTA). 2006. This piece can be found in Artforms on page 193. I dislike this piece because I feel the artist isn’t giving me anything to work with here. I look at the trucks tailgate and struggle to see how is this art and what is it that Oshiro is trying to give the viewer. There is nothing about this tailgate that shows meaning or understanding to the piece. I see that it was a Toyota truck and the first three letters TOY are smudged off, but other than that all there is to see is home depot my toy store and a sticker that says how’s my driving and it provides the phone number.
Opposite View for Artwork I Like My opposite view on what I liked is that as for the mural I don’t have an opposing opinion on. However, reading the article I can see that the mural could come off a bit bias by having it up in Maine’s DOL office. What would be the message that they are saying to the people that are coming in day to day. This piece would be a great to have in a history museum or used for textbooks.
Opposite View for Artwork I

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