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Advantages Of Learning Vocabulary

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Introduction Do you easily remember one word that you have faced with a long time ago?.It's frustrating and unpleasant when you don't know some functional words or you can't remember some words which you have encountered years ago. The first step in learning a new language is learning vocabulary which is a connection of four basic skill of language :Speaking,Listening,Reading and writing. According to Ghadasari (2004) students learning a foreign language mostly tends to forget or misuse new words that is usually because of :
.Words are not properly stored in student's minds .They are not practiced enough.
They are not related to students own experiences and interests.
Decarrico (2001) states that words should not be learnt separately or by memorization …show more content…
Develop a sense of what works best for you straight away.
Most experts agree that a key process in learning a language is how we acquire vocabulary. The more words you understand in the target language, the better you’ll read, listen, write and speak.
There is a key idea that is very important to keep in mind: “Your brain loves context”. I will talk about it in a moment, but first let’s take a look at a few different strategies for learning new vocabulary.
The first approach you might take for learning words is to make lists. Many people do that. The main advantage of making lists of words is that it is easy to do. However, there is a little drawback with this approach…It simply does not work!
Lists are not usually so short they grow and grow and become huge and the worst of all, the words are weakly related to each other. A list of words does not provide any context for your brain.
A better approach for learning vocabulary is to learn phrases instead of just words.
It’s easy to create a picture in our minds when we see a phrase because something is happening. The more vivid the image is, the better you will learn. And remember, your brain loves

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