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Restaurant Total Lead Time Management

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Restaurant - Total Lead Time Management
Discussion Board Assignment

You are a consultant, and have been retained by a restaurant to reduce average customer wait time on orders. You use the "Total Lead Time" timeline tool discussed in class, with it's four main time milestones--- 1) Order Received; 2) Order Started 3) Order Completed/Shipped and 4) Order Received by Customer.

The basic process is as follows:
1) Guests are seated promptly upon arrival.
2) A Server greets them at their table in a timely manner.
3) The Server then takes the order, and writes it on the paper order sheet/pad, along with the current time.
4) The Server then enters the order into a computer located at a Server station in the Dining Room. The time on the order sheet/pad is entered in the “Order Received” field. The Server then hits “Enter”.
5) When the order is so entered, it appears on a computer screen in the Kitchen.
6) When the Cook begins the order, he/she hits a button that populates the time in the “Order Started” field on the screen.
7) When the order is finished and dressed, the Cook hits another button on the screen to populate the “Order Completed/Ready” field on the screen. This also sends an alert that appears on the Servers computer screen in the Dining Room.
8) The Server goes to the Kitchen, takes the order to the table, and hits the computer screen button that enters the time in the “Order Received by Customer” field as he/she places the tray on a stand near the Server station.

You run a report for the last weeks orders, showing all the time stamps created by the above process, as well as average times for each step. The report shows the following average times for the elements of Total Lead Time (assume no differences by day):
• Order Received to Order Started (Steps 3 – 6): 5 Minutes
• Order Started to Order Completed/Ready (Steps 6 – 7): 10...

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