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Retail Supply Chain at Walmart


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Supply Cha S ain Manage nt Pro emen oject ‐ Reta ail Sup Chain at pply C

Project Group – Balaji Nag garajan (Roll n no: EPGP‐04A A‐016) Deepak M Mittal (Roll no: EPGP‐04A‐0 026) Kannan S (Roll no: EPG GP‐04A‐044) Mahesh R Rajesham (Roll no: EPGP‐04 A‐115) Mansi Sha arma (Roll no o : EPGP‐04 A‐ ‐051) Dr. Priyan nka Mallick (R Roll no : EPGP‐04 A‐068) Sandeep G Gawde (Roll n no : EPGP‐04 A‐030)

SCM Project – Retail Supply Chain at Wal‐Mart

Table of Contents 1. 2. I. II. 3. Introduction .......................................................................................................................................... 3 About Wal‐Mart .................................................................................................................................... 4 Operating Divisions ........................................................................................................................... 4 Competition and Regional Alignments ............................................................................................. 8 Components of Supply Chain Management (SCM) ............................................................................ 11 A. Main Elements ................................................................................................................................ 11 4. Wal‐Mart’s Method of Managing the Supply Chain ........................................................................... 13 A. Overview ......................................................................................................................................... 13 B. Technology Contribution to overall efficiency ................................................................................ 13 C. Benefits of

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...[;’p// Walmart Case Study: Half a Century of Supply Chain Management SCM 607 Dr. John Wu March 15, 2014 Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 4 BACKGROUND OF THE COMPANY 4 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES 5 KEY ISSUES 6 EXTERNAL ANALYSIS 7 Economy 8 Customer Behavior 8 Technology 8 Politics & Legal Aspects 8 INTERNAL ANALYSIS 9 Company Culture 9 Operations 9 Purchasing & Suppliers 10 Inventory 10 Logistics 10 SWOT ANALYSIS 11 Strengths 11 Procurement 11 Distribution 12 Store Network 12 Information Systems 13 Weaknesses 14 Procurement 14 Store Network 14 Human Resources 14 Focusing on the Supply Chain 14 Opportunities 15 Focusing on the Supply Chain 15 New Initiatives and a Reorganization 15 Threats 16 Human Resources 16 DECISIONS 17 CONCLUSION 18 EXHIBIT 3 19 EXHIBIT 3 (continued) 20 EXHIBIT 3 (continued) 21 EXHIBIT 5 22 REFERENCES 23 Walmart Case Study: Half a Century of Supply Chain Management INTRODUCTION Walmart dominates the retailing industry in terms of its sales revenue, its customer base, and its ability to drive down costs and deliver good value to its customers. After all, the world’s largest corporation, employing 1.8 million associates worldwide, takes pride in having received numerous accolades for its ability to continuously improve efficiency in the supply chain while meeting its corporate mandate of offering customers everyday low prices. Walmart demonstrates how a physical product retailer...

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...| How Walmart became a Super Power | E-Business EBUS308 | | By Dorine | 10/20/2014 | Table of Contents Business Model 2 Description of Stakeholders 4 Supply Chain Management 5 Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) 6 Supply Chain Flow 6 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 7 Customer Satisfaction 7 How Customer Satisfaction is Measured 7 E-Commerce Business Plan Template 8 Mobile Applications 8 Market Analysis Summary 9 Key Competitors 9 Walmart vs Amazon 10 Walmart vs WinCo 10 Data and Information Management Plan 11 Information Collected 11 How Information Collected Is Used 12 Policies to Protect Information 13 References 14 In today’s world shoppers like to have a one stop shop where they can go to get everything they need at a low price. Wal-Mart has provided that type of store for customer to be able to shop for groceries, clothes, house hold items, furniture, toys, pharmacy, and electronics. They are good at giving the customers what they want, they were the number one business of the Fortune 500 list for 2014 the second year in a row (Fortune 500 2014, 2014). Wal-Mart opened their first store in July 1962 in Roger, Arkansas. In 1991 Wal-Mart went international by opening up Sam’s Club in Mexico City. “Today, Walmart operates over 11,000 retail units under 71 banners in 27 countries (Our Story, 2014).” Walmart employs 1.3 million in the United States and 2.2 million associates around the world. Walmart’s mission statement...

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...Introduction | 2 | 3.1 | Benefits/Pros of RFID in supply chain (Body) | 2 | 3.2 | RFID in supply chain – Described with a case (Body) | 2 | 3.3 | Cons of RFID | 3 | 4 | Conclusion | 3 | 5 | Bibliography | 4 | The impact of RFID technology in Supply Chain Management 1. ABSTRACT This report consists of details of the introduction and inclusion of RFID tagging in supply chain management, along with a several pros and cons in the implementation. In addition, a large retail corporation is discussed in connection with the implementation. The aim of RFID in supply chain management is to see the establishment of product tracking which should revolutionize supply chain management practices. (Michael K, 2005) 2. INTRODUCTION Supply chain management is the management of moving and storing products/goods, from its raw material stage to its selling stage, from one location to another. The key to a good supply chain management is the seamless transfer of its products, supply chain management gained popularity from the mid-1990s. Supply chain has played and will always continue to play a very important role in Globalization. Some keys functions of Supply chain management, is to manage suppliers, inventory, distribution of goods, customer service and transportation. With supply chain playing an integral part in most of the businesses, it is important for a company to make sure that they have a strong supply chain system integrated and with huge developments in the Information...

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Analysis of Green Supply Chain Management in the Retail Industry industrial development should be addressed throughout the supply chain. This had led to the emergence of the concept suggested to as Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM). This research provided a concise background and challenges of green supply chain through applying qualitative analysis on potential implementation in existing literature. This research was use secondary data to analyze a single case study, which is a case study of Walmart GSCM. Data was collected through a quality source by process of evaluating the information sources. The research analysis have shown seven strategies that used at Walmart: Identifying goals, metrics, and new technologies, Providing network partner assistance to suppliers, Certifying environmentally sustainable products, Incentive for green products, Consolidating direct suppliers, Developing a sustainable standard, and Zero waste. In a conclusion, it was possible to understand that GSCM is one of the emerging approaches for retail industry. This approach had help the company differentiates from its competition and made its supply chain more efficient. This paper was useful in providing suggestions to the retail industry and other industries to either modify the GSCM strategy adopted within organization in order to achieve the required target, or identify the most suitable GSCM strategy to be implemented. Keywords: Supply Chain Management, Retail industry, Green Supply Chain Chapter 1: Introduction The world is warming. The average...

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...BEIHANG UNIVERSITY 北京航空航天大学 SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT 经济管理学院 SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT 1 “Supply Chain Management of Wal-Mart” Professor: ZHAO QUIHONG Student: NGUYEN HAI YEN - LS 1508256 VU THI THU HIEN - LS 1508226 GANTA. MURALI - LS 1508233 NGUYEN KHANH LINH - LS 1508230 NGUYEN THI THU HIEN - LS 1508257 INTRODUCTION Wal - mart was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton in Rogers, Ark. It is an American multinational retail corporation that runs chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores. Almost everything can be found in Wal-Mart stores and it has everything a homemaker can ever think of. It is arguably the largest retail chain that deals with millions of product ranging from furnitures, clothes, groceries, books, movies, electronic, jewelries, baby products and much more. In the 1960s through the 1970s, companies realized strong engineering, design, and manufacturing functions were strong market strategy keys to create and capture customer loyalty. As the demand for new products rose in the 1980s, these market requirements were to increase their flexibility and responsiveness to adapt existing products and processes or to develop new ones in order to meet customer needs. As manufacturing improved in the 1990s, managers began noticing material and service inputs involving suppliers and their major impact on an organization‘s ability to meet customer needs. As a result of these changes, organizations...

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...How should Wal-Mart rationalize its seafood supply chain to reduce costs and promote sustainability? Walmart has a large retail seafood business and it is always a challenge to reduce cost and promote sustainability. With upward trend for the demand of sea-food, depletion of the seafood supply is inevitable unless Walmart have a deep engagement of their supply chain. One strategy that Walmart wants to promote to their suppliers is for all of them to take up the Marine Stewardship Council’s certification program. This process will be time consuming, expensive and complex. The depletion of some fish poses a threat to Walmart and its seafood supply chain. Many challenges exists that will lead to indirect or direct increases in the cost of the supply chain. Because of the lengthy supply chain, with the fish travelling through many parties who are involved in catching, packaging, forwarding, and labeling, cost increases drastically. Wal-Mart’s customers are uneducated about the MSC Eco Label. Therefore, it will be costly to invest in certifying their fish with this standard while it may not boost their sales. While seafood supply can be sustainable by establishing fishing farms, there is always the concern for retaining the same quality as wild-caught fish. Therefore, Walmart needs solutions for the continuous supply of wild-caught fish while retaining its sustainability. In an effort to promote its sustainability, Walmart started to carry MSC certified Chilean Sea Bass...

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