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“The Case of the Addled Electrician” is a medical mystery short story by Benedict Carey. The story involves an electrician named Elmer Galbraith who has mysteriously contracted lead poisoning and is frantically searching for the cause to his illness. Throughout the story Carey uses suspense and dialogue to grab the attention of the everyday reader. The most obvious way that Carey builds interest is by creating suspense. He begins the story by describing the symptoms that Elmer has, continuing to do so for the first five paragraphs. As the story progresses, the interest towards Elmer’s illness grows. Once Carey has the reader hooked, he reveals that Elmer is actually suffering from lead poisoning. After Elmer’s illness is revealed, the reader stars to wonder what is actually causing the lead poisoning, which creates even more suspense. Using suspense keeps the reader interested and alert throughout the story. If Carey simply stated at the beginning that Elmer suffered from lead poisoning obtained by chewing plastic wire coating, then the reader would not read the rest of the story to learn about the symptoms and complications of lead poisoning. By creating suspense, Carey ensures readers actively read and understand the story. Another way that Benedict Carey is able to grab the interest of the reader is through dialogue. Reading words that were actually spoken by the characters is an excellent way to draw the audience into the story. For instance, the conversation between Galbraith and Kelley about the possible causes of the lead poisoning successfully accomplishes this goal. The reader gets a sense for the helplessness that Elmer feels and the frustration that Kelley experiences. By making the reader feel these emotions, Carey establishes a connection between the reader and the characters, which gets the audience more involved in the story. Through suspense and extensive use of dialogue, Benedict Carey is able to create a thoroughly interesting story in “The Case of the Addled Electrician.” This article is very readable and actually enjoyable due to the tactics of Carey’s writing. The easiness of the read could make this this paper a useful tool for educating electricians about lead poisoning. This story is an excellent example of how clever writing could possibly educate the public about possible medical dangers.
Summary for “Early Childhood Lead Exposure and Academic Achievement: Evidence From Detroit Public Schools, 2008-2010” – 100 Words A recent article chronicled a study that aimed to find a connection between long-term lead poisoning and decreased academic achievement in children. This study tested the levels of lead in the blood of children in Detroit, Michigan; the lead levels were then compared to their test scores in order to find a correlation. Researchers confirmed the hypothesis when they found strong evidence that children with high blood-lead levels prior to age 6 have significantly lower academic achievement than their classmates. The research achieved its goal by finding strong evidence that lead poisoning in early childhood will lead to diminished intelligence.
Bibliographic Citation
Zhang N., Baker H.W., Tufts M., Raymond R.E., Salihu H., Elliot M.R.. Early Childhood Lead Exposure and Academic Achievement: Evidence from Detroit Public Schools, 2008-2010. American Journal of Public Health. 2013 March, Vol. 103, No. 3, pp. 72-77.

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