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The center for Disease Control and Prevention is yet another source of information that offers to help educate and inform American’s about a growing awareness of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. “ ADHD is a neurobehavioral disorder in children that can last into adult hood.” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2013) The CDC is trying to educate parents, teachers and all Americans of the signs and symptoms of ADHD so the disease can be easily diagnosed and treated. The reader needs to feel confident that the source of information creditable and is educated in a manner that will make them feel confident that they can live with ADHD with great success.
“It is understandable for parents to have concerns when their child is diagnosed with ADHD, especially about treatments. It is important for parents to remember that while ADHD can't be cured, it can be successfully managed.” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2013). The CDC always’s tries to make the readers feel hope that make them want to keep reading. The writer knows how to approach each situation and bring the reader in with open arms, allowing the reader to feel comfortable, so that they are more acceptable to absorbing the information. As the reader begins to read on, the CDC starts to present to the facts. The tone changes slightly, and the hard information starts to be presented. The symptoms and ways to diagnose the disorder are explained and continue to educate the reader. The website continues to confirm to the reader that the disorder is treatable with the right help. The CDC also continues to stress about how important parent education is to treating the disorder. It is obvious that educating parents and teachers about the disorder is the main purpose.
After reading through the webpage you come to a statistics page which has a different point it’s trying to make. The CDC is still trying to educate and broadening the outlook on the topic. Now the CDC starts to explain that ADHD is a growing epidemic. The rates of Children being diagnosed with the disorder is climbing each year. More boys seem to have the disorder than girls. Only a percent of children with diagnoses of the disorder are taking medication to treat it and further educating the readers that we need to do more to help battle this epidemic. The effects of ADHD is economically staggering. Doing our part to treat and manage the disorder is costing American billions of dollars in treatments, doctor visits, and days missed from work. The CDC is changing its tone to remind us we all have to do our part.
A very important topic that the CDC explains is peer relationships with children who have ADHD. The CDC says that a child with the disorder will have trouble with peer relationships. Those children with the disorder were six times more likely to have a higher level of difficulties such as emotional, conduct, and peer problems. Educating the reader on all aspects of the disorder and preparing you so you know how to handle the situation. Allowing the reader to feel more comfortable about the situation and enabling them to react better to a child with ADHD.
The website ends with a great story from a family dealing with a child who has ADHD. A great story showing that living with ADHD can be managed and showing a mother that is helping her daughter grow with ADHD . The story talks about how the disorder has brought their relationship even closer together. As a family you can use the disorder to become stronger and that with love, courage and family values, living with the disorder in your family can be normal. The CDC did a great job on the design in the order they presented the information and the structure in which it was presented. The reader is brought in with compassion and comfort, and then is given some hard facts and a little wake up call. They are presented with some staggering statistics and numbers, and then shown that life is not over when diagnosed with ADHD but just getting started. They educate anyone looking for information about the disorder and stand creditable with their information. Anyone looking for information about the Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD will have found an excellent source.

Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (nd) Retrieved from

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