Revivalism in Jamaica

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Revivalism in Jamaica
Everyone knows about religion and accepts some form of religion, even those who claim that tey are not interested in religion, worship something whether it be their car, house, an idol or a God. People worship to satisfy a human need just like eating and drinking

Revivalism began in Jamaica between 1860 and 1861 as part for a
religious movement called the great revival. This period saw the restoration of suppressed
and discriminated against religious practices during slavery

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Christian churches however were never fond of the Revivalist Manifestations of the Spirit, where a person in the service would be possessed by these spirits. Therefore participators would only be limited to singing hymns and reading scriptures from prayers, this is where most people in the Revivalist community would not have the satisfaction of worshipping.
From this, Christian groups have been divided into two groups:
• Temporal
• Spiritual
Christian “Spiritual” groups are those who accept the doctrine and the spiritual Possession of spirits while the of the Temporal” are those who do not accept such activities.

Revivalist Bands
Revival bands are an essential part to worship in Revivalism. Pocomania and Zion Revivalist Bands consist mainly of Female members. These women (Mothers) may even become Leaders of the Revivalists bands. Many revivalists in Jamaica are not employed and if employed they usually work within the field of Agricultural Farming, house holding or roadside higglers. Some may be of a higher working class and may be conscious of the status they are trying to retain. They are members of the Revivalist bands but will claim to be a part of Anglican and Baptist Denominations in order to maintain their social and working status. Apart…...