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1. Rhode Island’s weather is hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and humid most of the time. January and February are the coldest months with temperature close to 20 degrees; July is the hottest month with 70-80 degrees.
Rhode Island's landscape includes 36 islands. However, most of the state is part of the mainland of North America. The state is almost divided into two parts by the Narragansett Bay and has over 400 miles of coastline. There are lagoons and salt marshes along the state's Atlantic shore.
The center of population of Rhode Island is located in Providence County, in the city of Cranston. There are around one million people leaving in Rhode Island. The three largest Rhode Island communities are: Italian 19%, Irish, 18% and English 12%.
2. Rhode Island’s primary industries are: textiles, jewelry, rubber products, machinery, and tourism. Three biggest employers of Rhode Island are: Rhode Island State with14,900 employees, Hospitals with 11,870 and the United States Government with 11,580 employees.
3. Rhode Island has many natural resources, for example water, iron, fish, soil, timber, dairy products and many more. Above ground, there is land for farming and the trees for wood. In the water there is fishing for shellfish, cod, sea bass and tuna. The biggest manmade resources include fabric mills, manmade fiber and silk companies.

4. The Breakers was the summer house of the Cornelius Vanderbilt II (NY Central Railroad President). The house sits right on the water and has breathtaking views. There are seventy rooms at the Breakers and each one has its own beauty.
The Forty Steps are part of the Cliff Walk. It is a stone staircase that drops off the cliff with an amazing stone like "balcony". Cliff Walk is a beautiful pedestrian trail that hugs the Newport shoreline with amazing views.
The Blackstone Valley is the most visited national park of Rhode Island. There you will tour the historic Blackstone River and see a variety of mills, walk through little villages and enjoy the view.
5. Roger Williams is the most important person of Rhode Island because he founded the state.
John Maeda is also very important in my opinion. He is the president of the Rhode Island School of Design. I think that art and design are very important.
6. Rhode Island is one of the most beautiful states in New England. Its nick is the “Ocean State” because it is mostly surrounded by water. It is perfect for summer or winter vacations. For example during the summer you can go for a nice swim, go fishing and enjoy a boat ride. And during the winter it has one of the most beautiful Christmas decorations. There are many great things about Rhode Island like great shopping, delicious food, historical sites, museums, parks and beaches. That is why I think Rhode Island is one of the most important parts of North East and you should definitely visit it!!

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