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Ridikulous Tattoos


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Ridikulous Tattoos
By: Domanica Gonzales
Principles of Marketing
Tami Ball
September 2, 2014

The name of the business I plan to open is Ridikulous Tattoos. It is founded by Domanica Gonzales and Jason Smith in 2014. The purpose of our business is ro offer services free of judgment, and preconceived notions. Our mission statement is to keep a comfortable environment, while maintaining a wide variety of of artists and styles. We strive ro be a completely original tattoo parlor on every level; from artwork, atmosphere, and attitude. The desires of current and potential customers are constantly changing, so we want to continuously offer a wide variety of products and services. The products that we are offering are tattoos and piercings. Piercings such as; belly button, tongue, eyebrow, nose, ears, private area piercings, and dermals. The tattoos will be based on size, detail, color, and time taken to complete the tattoo. There will be sample pages where you can choose a tattoo already designed and drawn out, or you can have one customized and drawn out for you personally. The target market for Ridikulous Tattoos is a market with a very large range of ages. Anyone 18 or over, and legally allowed to be tattooed would be in my target market. I could however, narrow my target market to afes 18-50. Consumers in this range are more likely to want a tattoo. Consumers in this age range are also more likely to be able to handle the pain, and trauma receiving a tattoo puts your body through. The unique selling proposition is definitely going to make our tattoo parlor stand out amongst my competitors. Unlike every other tattoo parlor that charges an hourly rate when charging for their tattoos I plan to charge based on the tattoo itself. The price will depend on size, detail, shading, coloring, and time spent competing the tattoo. Normally at other tattoo parlors the

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