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Robotics Collision Lab

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Collision Lab

Sierra Callwood
Mr. Weidenboerner
Period 7

To explore sensors and use them to knock down a box filled with bean bags without going over the edge of a precipice. Hypothesis:
I think that designs with a high point of impact and and sensor placed out in front of the robot will have the best results.

Group 2 | Trial | Distance from the Egde | 1 | 28 mm | 2 | 32 mm | 3 | 35 mm | 4 | 22 mm | 5 | fail | Average | 32 mm |

Competion | Group | Average | 1 | 23 mm | 2 | 32 mm | 3 | fail | 4 | 7 mm |

Program Flow:

1. #Include “Main.h” 2. 3. void main (void) 4. { 5. int limitswitch; 6. 7. // 0 is pressed 8. // 1 is not pressed 9. Wait (5000) 10. while (1==1) 11. { 12. limitswitch = Get DigitalInput (1); 13. if (limitswitch==1) 14. { 15. Set Motor (1.0); 16. Set Motor (10.0); 17. Wait (200) 18. } 19. else 20. } 21. Set Motor (1.-40); 22. Set Motor (10.40); 23. } 24. } 25. }

Group 1 cam in second place with an average of 23 mm from 5 trials. Group 2 (my group), came in third place with an average of 32 mm from the edge of the table. Group 3 came in last place with one fail and not having completed the rest of the trials yet. Group 4 came in first place with an average of 7 mm from the edge of the table.

I think that my hypothesis was proved correct since every robot that was successful had both a high point of impact and the sensor at least some distance in front of the robot. I think that an error that my group made was that we did’n allow for enough time to tweak the program and bot together and ended up being, although not aslant minuet as the last lab,

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