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Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Customer Relationship Management

Faculty: Prof. G. Shainesh

Term VI PGP (2008-09) 3 Credit Course

Background – The primary purpose of any business is to win and keep customers. Its competitors also seek to do the same. Most successful firms have developed capabilities for attracting customers through their marketing programs. But they have shown mixed results when it comes to retaining these customers. Customer Relationship Management helps businesses in successfully implementing strategies aimed at winning and retaining customers profitably. It is also helping businesses shift from a short-term transaction based mode of operation in their interactions with customers to a long-term relationship mode.

Objectives – The objective of this course is to help students understand the concept and practice of CRM derived from research and applications across businesses. These concepts and applications from real life case studies will help identify opportunities, which can be successfully implemented for long term profitability.

Pedagogy – The teaching methodology will include a mix of lectures, discussions of pre-readings, presentations by practitioners, exercises and case analysis. The cases are integrative in nature but will also help develop an appreciation of specific elements of CRM.

Group Project –

Option 1 - Identify any organisation which is practicing some form of CRM. Start working with them to understand the objectives, strategy, structure and process of relationship management. Identify the key issues they faced in implementation especially related to financial and marketing evaluation of the program. Interview some relationship customers of this organisation to understand the customer perspective.

Option 2 – Choose any topic in CRM and write a paper based on literature review or use a

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