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Roller Coaster Ride Research Paper

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“Ahhh!”screamed the other people on the ride. As I neared the line of the roller coaster I could see the terrifying dips and turns on the ride. Once I did, I regretted stepping in the line, but I came to Adventure Land for a reason. So I decided to suck it up and ride the first roller coaster of my life. Nearing the front of the line I could feel my nerves tingle and my fear of heights sink in. It was the last day of school and all the eighth graders had to wake up and go to school at 6:00 in the morning. On that wet and foggy day the farther we rode in a bus, then the sun slowly began to rise. With our meals packed and ready for the day the trip was pretty tiresome as well as boring since it was so early in the morning. As we neared Adventure Land we were handed entrance tickets to enter the park. Setting off to have fun with a buddy of our choosing; I picked one of my good friends Jacob Wenger. Eventually meeting up with some of our other friends to make the day even more fun. …show more content…
Once we did, we decided to go on the first ride of the day, which I was talked into riding. The one we road was called the Outlaw and I had the smart idea to actually take off my glasses. Although the line was kind of long, it seemed that we were strapped into the sets in no time. My body began to shake and shiver as the ride started. Once the roller coaster started to speed up we were lifted up on an incline and I felt like I was about to fall out of my set. As the coaster began to fall downward I could feel the air being knocked right out of me and I could not scream in that terrifying experience. Nearing the sharp turns I could feel my body being whipped back and forth and me grasping on to the bar as hard as possible afraid of falling out of the ride. Even though I know that I was safely strapped

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Roller Coaster Ride Research Paper

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