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“Scandals and the Royal Family”

Once upon a time everyone loved them, everyone wanted to be one, and everyone longed for even the smallest glance or wave from them. Many things throughout history have shaken our faith in the Royal Family. Many questions asked but very few answered, and even then the answered ones always seemed a bit sketchy. Are they really better? Are they flawed just like us? Is it possible? Have they really fallen as low as the peasants, as us? Throughout history they were untouchable but now small tidbits of information shed scandalous flickers of light on half-truths or are they full truths? We’ll leave that for you to decide. Did the Royal Family murder Princess Di? Was Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, really Jack the Ripper? With an unscheduled jaunt through an ancient sacrificial Pagan site, Diana and Dodi were taken away from their predetermined haven of Al Fayed’s apartment. Moments before entering the tunnel, not only did every security camera mysteriously died, preventing anyone from ever really knowing what happened on that fateful night, but each and every single police radio quit, blocking any quick responders from saving the princess’s life. Eyewitnesses even reported hearing gunfire and snipers within the tunnel. In 1997, detectives grilled the ex-royal butler, Paul Burrell, for three hours. Seven years later, he came forward to tell about an MI5 link to a letter in which the Princess chillingly predicted her own demise by way of a car crash. Earlier that same year, a new eye witness came forward with a description of a white fiat seen forcing the limo off the road. Every day new facts come to light. Was she really in fear for her life? Was she really pregnant? Apparently, the Royal Family went into crisis mode when 20 or so videos of Di’s secret video confessions of her marriage troubles to the Prince surface and court battles ensued. Why, you ask? Why would the House of Windsor, want to murder the Princess. It’s possible that she was pregnant with a Muslim child, which would sully the honour of the Royal House. Also, the heirs to the throne, her children, would have an Islamic stepfather, and that just seems a little too close for comfort for some extremists. Most distressing of all, is that she, in the eyes of the Royals, was bringing embarrassment to the noble house. Eighteen eighty eight, the Whitechapel district of London, a minimum of five savage murders were perpetrated betwixt the months of August and November. Although an impoverished and violent place, all the crimes can be linked because of the same methods or procedures taken by the killer. All took place within a few streets, either early morning or late night, all were women and four of the five were slaughtered like animals. At least three victims had internal organs removed leading to the belief that some degree of anatomical knowledge was possessed and maybe indicating that the culprit was either a surgeon of butcher. Scotland Yard and the media were pummelled by letters claiming to be from the killer dubbed “Jack the Ripper”; most were dismissed except for one labelled “From Hell” after a phrase taken from within. It came with a box containing a piece of human kidney, although it was never proven to have come from one of the victims. Despite a thorough investigation, the demon was never caught. Dr. Thomas Stowell, an English surgeon, published a November 1970 edition of The Criminologist, an article entitled "Jack the Ripper – A Solution?” Stowell surmised that “Jack” was a blue blooded noble, who had contracted syphilis and been driven insane and in that warped frame of mind had inflicted the diabolical Jack the Ripper murders. Although not being named directly, the suspect, his nicknames, and his family were all described in great detail. All of this pointed to the Duke of Clarence and Avondale, Prince Albert Victor, The Queen’s grandson. Following the double homicide, Stowell penned, the alleged nobleman was subdued by his own family and institutionalized is the south of the country before escaping to commit the final slaying of Mary Jane Kelly and then anti-climatically dying of the disease. As evidence, the good doctor drew comparisons between the disembowelment of deer bought down by the aristocracy and the evisceration of the Ripper victims. Stowell claimed his knowledge came from the private files of Sir William Gull, an eminent physician, known for treating member of the Royal Family. Gull’s Son-in-law, Theodore Dyke Akland, was known to Stowell, and was an estate executor of Akland’s. A few days later, Stowell wrote to the Times, refuting any intention of insinuating the Prince Albert Victor was Jack the Ripper. Four days later, the letter was published, one day after Stowell died of seemingly natural causes. Stowell’s son, in the same period, burned all of his father’s papers, reporting that he had read just enough to make sure there was nothing of import. Joseph Gorman claimed Sir William Gull had committed the murders. Stowell had dismissed the Gull rumors as unfair and false in his article. Gorman purported, that his grandmother, a Catholic, has married the prince in secret. His mother, being born or their legitimate union would be the rightful heir to the throne. The murders were then staged to silence anyone who knew of the birth. Entranced by the story, journalist Stephen Knight decided to look further into the matter. He published his findings in 1976 in a book entitled Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution. Knight at first disbelieving of Gorman`s entertaining if nonsensical story, decided to investigate further. During said investigation, Knight becomes convinced that Gorman`s story is true but the lack of all but circumspect evidence is due to government cover up and intended information slanting by police. He even accuses Charles Warren, Commissioner of Police, of eradicating evidence to protect the masonic order, even though he compares the Ripper Killings to alleged masonic ritual murders. He also notes that Stowell, the first to implicate Gull and the Princes involvement was a freemason himself. History is written by the victors. We will probably never know if the Royal Family ordered a hit on Princess Di or if Prince Albert Victor was really Jack the Ripper. Even though they come from a long line of vicious dictators and inbreed is blatantly abundant, it`s like looking at a train wreck. We just can`t stop watching. They supposedly care, or do they? In conclusion`, I will leave this quote attributed to Prince Philip. ``In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation. ``

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