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Fully discuss the elements required for any organization to have and maintain an effective safety program. What "grade" would you give your current (or most recent past) employer for their efforts in promoting safety? Explain
Elements required for any organization to have and maintain an effective safety program are: * Support from top management is essential for a safety program to be effective. Employee relations may falter when workers believe that management does not care enough about their safety in the workplace. * Safety training must be a continuous process to ensure a safe workplace. * Job hazard analysis (JHA) is a multistep process designed to study and analyze a task and then break down that task into steps that provide a means of eliminating associated hazards. JHA result in a written procedure as to how to safely complete multiple tasks within a plant. They include management support, supervisor and employee training, written program, and management oversight. It will address and bring to attention points of safety issues and risks. * Superfund amendments reauthorization act, title III (SARA) requires businesses to communicate openly about the hazards associated with materials they use and produce and any wastes generated from use. * Employee involvement is a key way to solidify a safety program. Any input from employees themselves give them a sense of involvement. Having employees watch out for each other strengthens a team and helps form positive attitudes and gives employees a place in the program. * Having a safety engineer, or someone that is in charge of coordinating the overall safety program will ensure that employees are up to date on training and allows one place for any safety concerns to come in from employees.
My current employer does an excellent job (A) for their efforts in promoting safety in the workplace.

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