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Sample Unsolicited Job Request


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May 16, 2014
Hiring Manager
World Teach
One Brattle Square, Suite 550
Cambridge, MA 02138

Re: Open Application Letter

Good Afternoon,

My name is XXXXXX and I am contacting you with great passion and interest in working for World Teach Organization. For many years I have followed the motto and representation of World Teach, sharing the same idea that everyone deserves an education, and with this education any one person can change the world. Only with a strong schooling structure can a strong community be built, and this opportunity is scarcely available to many countries that are crumbling without the basic foundation that knowledge can provide. It is this desire, nay, vigor, that I contact you today in hopes of adding to World Teach Organization’s dream of reaching all countries with proper educational support.

My qualifications extend beyond enjoyment of the field. Along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management (Business Administration) and a Master’s Degree in International Education, I have experience in community development, teaching internationally, cultural immersion, and volunteer coordination. The combination of my two degrees make for effective plan implementation while developing strategies in local communities. My work history has made business/event organization a focus, meaning communication and managerial skills were imperative and successfully used. Also, my extracurricular work shows the love I have for spreading education, and my whole hearted belief in its effectiveness in not only the individual, but the region as a whole.

I am aware of the vast volunteer opportunities provided by World Teach Organization, and have participated in the past. I would love nothing more than to be employed by such a positive, effective, and caring agency. I do hope that my request for employment reaches your offices in a time that allows

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