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Issues in Science and Religion April 12, 2012 Science or God?
I thought if we question Gods authority in a religious school that we would be shunned, but the first question that was asked in the beginning of class was “Is there a God”? I smiled with relief; because that is the question I have been wondering almost my whole life. Coming from a religious background I was expected to believe that there is a God and we never question if he exists or not because the bible is all the proof we need. Since I was 16 years old I always wondered if there was really a God and if so, where is he when you need Him the most and what is the big deal with this Evolution thing? I always had more reason to believe that Evolution makes more sense and has more concrete evidence than believing in a God you cannot see or do not have much or any other evidence that he really existed other than the Bible.
Is there a God? Personally I think there isn’t, and the Bible makes it sounds like if you do not believe in him you automatically go to hell! However, a good person who does the right thing most of their lives but does not believe that God exists makes them what Christians call: “Devil Worshippers”, and is sentenced to hell forever? That doesn’t sound like a God who cares much about his people on earth, but more about himself, to have a lot of people sent to the burning pits of hell because they do not believe in him although they may do the same thing as what a Christian may do, but the only difference is the belief system. A lot of horrible people go to church every Sunday, but they may go to heaven if they repent their sins. How can God forgive a murder or a rapist and give them a second chance, but make children and innocent people suffer every day? Does that sound like there is a God, because to me it seems like there isn’t one and he is something that is made up, and created the most ridiculous rules. Dr.Butler, stated that there are some reasons not to believe in God and there are:
1. Since evil and suffering exist, a loving
God cannot
2. Since miracles contradict science, they cannot be true 3. Evolution explains life, so God isn’t needed 4. God isn’t worthy of worship if He kills innocent children
5. It is offensive to claim Jesus is the only way to God 6. A loving God would never torture people in hell 7. Church history is littered with oppression and violence
Since many of the above statements are true, I strongly believe that there isn’t a God and those things such as Evolution and science has turned the world into what it is today. There is more concrete evidence that the human brain can understand when it comes to things such as evolution
Charles Darwin the creator of the world renowned Evolution, and has presented a reasonable scientific understanding of how animals and humans evolved than the sacred Holy Bible. Darwin’s theory of evolution refers to a natural selection process; he believed that every living thing evolved from a single organism. However, it may seem crazy at first, but in the Bible God made Adam out of air and Eve from Adams rib which seems like a fantasy and there is no evidence that supports the statement in the Bible. In class we had an example of how people believe in anything such as the FSM (Flying Spaghetti Monster). We compared the FSM to Evolution suggesting that it is just a theory that is silly and isn’t true. However, I thought different than the discussion in class in considered many statements in the Bible is as silly as the FSM but has millions of followers and still growing every year.
Does science and religion coincide? Many religious followers do not believe in a lot of scientific viewing, so in my opinion science and religion does not coincide with each other. The theory of evolution of how humans and animals were created does not pair with the Bible of how God created Adam and Eve. To end my argument on why I believe that Evolution is real and the Bible is just a mere book of stories, is that people like to believe things they can see and touch. One cannot see nor touch Jesus Christ, and there isn’t sufficient evidence that proves that everything that is stated in the Bible has actually happened. Science/Evolution such as Genetics prove how there is a thing called Evolution with showing that there is mutation and change. This class had taught me to question things and think outside the box, which is why I choose science over religion.

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