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Self-Evaluation on Coping with Stress


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During times of our lives we deal with stress. For instance, we stress about things from home, financial situations, and jobs as well. I took two self-assessments based on How vulnerable am I to stress and Stressful events in my life. Based off the two assessments, it showed how stressed I was and couldn’t handle it. I know in dealt with stress in the past and also dealing with it right now. I try to find many ways with coping with my stress by exercising or doing other things to reduce the excessive tension. The term stress is the response of individuals to stressors. Stressors are events that threaten individuals and tax their coping abilities. My coping abilities were threaten twice over a year ago. For Instance, I had major damages to my vehicle where I couldn’t drive for almost 2 months. I didn’t cope with it very well because the only thing was through my mind how I was going to get back and forth to work and school. On a daily, I started to concern myself more on how I was going to get the money to get the car fixed. By doing that made things worst. The second stressor was being unemployed for 6 months. At times I did well with it and other times I didn’t cope with it well. I wasn’t worried because I thought I could always go back to my previous job in 3 months and was fine financially. Then I found out we were moving once again and that to concern to me because my mom didn’t have enough to handle the moving by herself. I stressed because, I dislike seeing my mom struggle and embraced being the man of the house. The concern for me getting a job increased When I was faced with stressors, my body readies itself to handle the assault through a number of physiological changes. The term General adaptation syndrome (GAS) is the common effects on the body when stressors persist. The GAS of three stages: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. At times stress in my life caused me to loss my appetite, stayed to myself; and didn’t want to talk about my issues. The stress on my Immune System didn’t cope very well. On the job dealing with being critique and major task changes lead to having migraine headaches and a more sinus infections. Environmental Factors whether its big or small produces stress. Life events and daily hassles are things we deal with regularly. One of them is the lack of study-time in college a couple of years ago. The reason why because my hours at work increased so I couldn’t put the effort I needed to in school. Another daily hassle was not getting enough credit on my job for my hard work. My frustrations came about when I felt I was being overlooked for upcoming job positions and not being appreciated for my work ethic. Conflict is another kind of stress we deal with in our lives. Approach/approach conflict is conflict in which the individual must choose between two attractive stimuli or circumstances. My conflict was choosing between keeping my current car and getting a brand new one. I couldn’t go wrong with either decision I would of made because I liked both of the vehicles, my current was finally back in good condition, I don’t have to make payments and its my first car. The new car I looked at was a car I really wanted for quite sometime but at the end I decided to keep my old car and wasn’t disappointed with the decision and didn’t any regrets. Avoidance/avoidance conflict is when the individual must choose between two unattractive stimuli. I dealt with this when I had an oral presentation in high school. I was very nervous about presenting in front of class so I wanted to go last but I didn’t want grade to neither and their were times I didn’t want to show up but I decided my grade was important with through with doing the presentation and got A. That moment was very stressful for me. The approach/avoidance conflict for me was me deciding to eat Chinese food or not. Although it’s delicious but it was something I couldn’t eat because I was trying to lose weight. I handled giving up on well and lost the weight since I gave up on Chinese food. The daily hassles produce me into an overload and started to burnout. This term is a state of physical and emotional exhaustion that includes a hopeless feeling, chronic fatigue, and low energy. Burnout came about in my life when I was working full-time and going to school full-time for two years straight. My body was breaking down and I fatigue on a daily. So I decided to make adjustments in life and made an unpopular decision by quitting my job and focus on school. That took less pressure off me. In conclusion, in the past, I didn’t cope very well with stress. The things I do now to adjust stress in my life are that I start to think over about the positive/negative effects of stress. Before making a major decision, I wisely think over it before I make so I won’t regret at the end. I made a lot of adjustments so I can have less stress in my life. If something major happens, I try not worry about it so much because I’ve realized things happen its apart of life. I managed to make adjustments at home, work, and school by getting things done early, stop worrying over certain situations and most importantly I started to enjoy life more and stressed less.

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