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Should Ebooks Take over?

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Yelyzaveta Tymchenko
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English 1020-101
July 4, 2013
Should e-books Take Over?
In the current world, it is hard to see people with paper books in their hands. But people with smart phones, PC’s and other technological innovations can be seen in every place. Is it true that nobody is reading paper books in the world anymore? Some people say that e-books are more ecological and useful because there is no need to waste paper. However, others have a different opinion, and think that nothing can replace traditional books. Some people argue that there is no need in paper books anymore, while others people argue that there is need in paper books, and that it is more beneficial than e-books.
There are two main words that need to be defined: traditional books and e-books. Today, most of the people are familiar with the term book. On a daily basis humans are using books for information, studying, researching or just for reading during their leisure time. A book is defined by Oxford dictionary as “a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together on one edge and bound in covers”. It is a literary composition that is published or intended for publication as such a work (Oxford dictionary). Also, the term book can be referred to some literature works. In science a book can be called a magazine, journal or newspaper.
However, as society grows everything is starting to improve, for example different technologies and even knowledge about certain things. People are able to educate themselves better because of new information. But it is not just knowledge that people have gained, but also new skills. Writing has improved and books have started to play an important role in people’s lives and made an impact on the whole evolution. Books allow people to write their thoughts, emotions and share many things such as information or experiences. They...

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