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Should Student Wear Uniform


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Should students be required to wear uniform? I think they should be a requirement for students to wear uniforms. I believe it will help the student learn better and then they won’t have to worry about what they are wearing to school everyone looks the same.
There are many opinions on the subject of school uniforms, but whose opinion should we listen too? What I am about to present to you will consist of opinions from threes sides. Those who oppose school uniforms, those that support, and my own.

According to the Texas Education Code 11.162 a parent or guardian of a student attending a school at which students are required to wear school uniforms may choose for the student to be exempted from the requirement or they may choose to transfer to a school which students are not required to wear uniforms if space is available and if the parent or guardian provides a written statement that, as determined by the board of trustees, states a bona fide religious or philosophical objection to the requirement. This law is what many parents in Texas who oppose the school uniform requirement use to fight against the decision of the schools to impose uniforms.

When some parents from Forney, Texas requested exemptions for their children, the school denied them causing lawsuits to be filed against the districts. The reason these parents opposed the uniform dress code? Because they believed it took away their children's freedom to express themselves. Other parents who oppose the uniforms also state that their parental rights are being stripped away. They have even gone so far as to set up web sites to draw others into their fight.

On the other hand, parents who support school uniforms think that it might help eliminate some of the problems children face throughout their school years. Some advantages would be, it could prevent gang members from displaying their colors, it

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