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Should Teenagers Be Tried As Adults Essay

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Should Teens Be Tried as Adults?
In 1944, George Stinney Jr. was the first 14-year-old to be sent to an adult prison. He was accused of murder and sentenced to death almost a year later. Juvenile delinquents should not be sent to adult prison systems because their brains are not fully developed as to that of an adult, they are at high risk of physical harm at the hands of other inmates, and might later be denied employment due to an adult criminal record. Around 250,000 teens are tried or sentenced as adults in the U.S.A. every year, and nearly 10,000 per day. As a matter of fact, the majority of these teens are charged with non-violent offenses.
Teens should not be tried as adults because their brains are not fully developed. American Academy …show more content…
The larger inmates gain what they believe to be “reputation” by seeming tough and heartless. In order to achieve this, they beat and harass the younger, more vulnerable inmates. This ends up being highly dangerous for the youth, pertaining to how they could end up badly injured. This physical harm might cause future psychological issues resulting in future imprisonment. Although inmates may receive a GED or partial education while in prison, their chances of finding a well-paid job is little to none. Once employers figure out there is a criminal record involved, they begin to second guess hiring the person. Due to the fact that they are so young, it is not fair for them to start off so rough. They should deserve the opportunity to get back on their feet, and get their life together just as any other teen would. To conclude this argument, juvenile delinquents should not be sent to adult prison systems because their brains are not fully developed as to that of an adult, they are at high risk of physical harm at the hands of other inmates, and might later be denied employment due to an adult criminal record. Although some teens’ crimes may be highly intolerable, not all can cope with living in an adult prison. The points discussed previously prove this

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