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Lead Poisoning Research Paper

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Lead poisoning can have serious effects on development in children. Because lead is present everywhere in our environment, parents need to be especially diligent to supervise their children when around known lead sources (Graziano 2002). Lead is not only dangerous to youth after birth, but also while still in utero, as it is a teratogen. One case example of this is a pregnant woman who had been shot 15 years prior to pregnancy. A bullet had been lodged in her spine and remained there. The lead from the bullet caused lead poisoning in her and her child (
Symptoms of lead poisoning can be misleading and only with a blood test can it be determined. However, common symptoms and long-term effects are abdominal pain, sleep problems, headaches, high blood pressure, anemia, and kidney dysfunction. Prolonged exposure can lead to low IQ, problems with hearing, and growth delays. Further, very high toxic doses of lead poisoning could even produce “emergency” symptoms like muscle weakness, seizures, and coma ( …show more content…
Further, many products are made with lead that we use every day such as water pipes in our homes, old paint, fishing weights, children’s jewelry. Lead is also present in some cosmetics. Many Eastern countries use a special eyeliner, called surma, which has been in use since the time of the pharaohs and was originally used medicinally ( Males, as well as females, apply this to their eyes and it is also used on children. This is one direct way that lead can enter the body. Since there is no “safe” level of lead in the body, all lead is toxic (Graziano

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