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1. This statement just implies that if two individuals are put in a similar circumstance, they would react differently on the grounds that they would be receptive to various parts of the circumstance. Due to their different experiences in life they would differently interpret the situation. As a supervisor I would become more interested with my clients so I can put them in circumstances that draw from their experience and get the best out of them. I would plan an analysis that would perceive what the organization would get rid of workers in a recreated circumstance and start a procedure that would see the more favorable workers continually put in those circumstances.
2. This statement implies that circumstances have entrance necessities that must be satisfied before a man can enter them. Schools have test scores …show more content…
Situations change the person.
This statement is fundamentally meaning that a fierce circumstance could transform an evangelist into a fighter. Utilizing this in administration put antagonistic individuals in positive circumstances to raise their morale and increase production.

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