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Social Perception

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Social Perception was described as interpreting information about other people. If you feel that you are familiar with a person, you perceive to have a better understanding of that person intention. The pattern of thinking can affect a person's perception of others.
The social contexts, in which you meet someone, can play a large part in whether the perception of someone will be positive or negative.

How we perceive others is dependent on a significant number of factors; which are classified as internal and external. Internal factors include physical appearance, and verbal and nonverbal communication e.g facial expressions, tone of voice, gestures, body position and movement, touch, and gaze. External factors include the target and the situation. The target of the object in question determines perception because attention is a prerequisite of perception. Secondly, the situation influences how we look at things and how we perceive them. A person who is shouting because of anger for example cannot be perceived to be short-tempered based on this but a person who has met them for the first time may be tempted to think so.

Stereotyping is another perspective that influences perception; such that a person is perceived on the basis of the group to which one belongs to. Stereotypes refer to characteristics associated with a certain group of people such that people perceive all members of such a group to possess such characteristics or behavior.

There are also factors that affect our perception. There are self concept and bias. Self concept is defined as the organized, consistent set of perceptions and beliefs about oneself.A set of beliefs we hold about who we are. It is the evaluation of one's self and the things that makeup the self. While bias is defined as a prejudicial attitudes towards particular groups, races, sexes, or religions, including the...

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