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Perception in Festivals

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Festivals and events play an important role in the tourism and the hospitality industry. They can create good memories and stories not only with its people who inhabit the place but also to the tourists that visit the event. It is also gives a good impression to people to visit the place because events and festivals contribute to the income of the local government in a city, region, or country. Thus, festivals and events are special types of social activities; they are willing to travel to faraway places to be part of the festival and event. Tourists who attend a festival or an event stay in paid accommodations, dine in or out restaurants, participate in group activities, and purchase souvenirs and other ways of creating good memories and meanings. The flow of money will create jobs that will help build local economy. Studies on fest The overall purpose of this study is to explore the Paru-paro festival in Dasmarinas, Cavite and the perception of its residents. Festival impacts, as perceived by residents, have been an important aspect of the festival research because of the range of ways in which festivals benefit and cost the communities in which they exist. The research presented in this paper will examine the perception of the residents of Dasmarinas, Cavite on Paru-paro festival.

Statement of the Problem
1) What is Paru-paro Festival as perceived by the local residents?
2) How does the local resident perceive Paru-paro festival as part of their identity?
3) What is the perception of the local residents to the Paru-paro festival?

Objectives of the Study
1) Determine the perceptions of the local residents of Dasmarinas to their Paru-paro festival in relation to their Heritage Culture.
2) Identify the impact of Paru-paro festival to its local residents.
3) Suggest possible improvements to the festival.

Hypothesis There is an existing idea to the residents of the Dasmarinas that Paru-paro festivals represents the culture of the locals, also it signifies the development of the Dasmarinas. Along with the Paru-paro festival, several transformation and changes have happened in Dasmarinas throughout the years. There is a new logo that symbolizes cityhood along with other fundamental changes as covered courts, footbridges, CCTV cameras, the Kadiwa Park, and center island.

Significance of the Study The primary purpose of this research is to determine how the local residents perceive the local festival inconnection with their personal living. The significance of this study is to determine how Paru-paro festival became tourist attraction. This study helps the residents of Dasmarinas, Cavite to get more information o.r knowledge in Paru-paro festival

Scope and Limitation The study focused on the perception of the residents to the festival of Dasmarinas which is the Paru-paro festival. The municipality of Dasmarinas is home to hundreds of thousands of residents who occupy the more than 70 residential subdivisions of the municipality. This town is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the province of Cavite. Numerous commercial establishment, which include major shopping malls, fast foods, groceries, convenient stores, restaurants and other service-oriented businesses, are mostly concerted in the town proper. Industrial institutions are located in the limits of the municipality. It has the greatest number of universities in the province. The researcher also wants to identify how the residents of Dasmarinas, accepted the Paru-paro Festival and why it was called “Paru-paro Festival”.

Definition of Terms
The following are definition of terms or concepts included in the study.
Festival – relating to, appropriate to, or set apart as a festival.
Event – a planned occasion or activity (such as a social gathering) any one of the contests in a sports program.
Hospitality – the activity of providing food, drinks, etc. for people who are the guests or customers of an organization. Generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests: hospitable treatment.
Tourism – the business of providing hotels, restaurants, entertainment, etc., for people who are traveling. The activity of traveling to a place for pleasure.
Perception – the way you think about or understand someone or something. The ability to understand or notice something easily.
Paru-paro festival – they recognized the metamorphosis of the butterfly as an appropriate symbol of the city’s transformation throughout the years. It is the official festival in Dasmarinas Cavite.

Conceptual Framework In this research, perception of the residents in Dasmarinas serve as the inputs while the Paru-paro festival is the outpust. If the effect of the perception of the residents is positive the Paru-paro festival is subjected to improve than today’s performance.
Figure I Input Process Output

Theoretical Framework The Paru-paro festival is the official city of Dasmarinas City. According to Dasmarinas City Mayor Jennifer A. Barzaga, they recognized the metamorphosis of the butterfly as an appropriate symbol of the city’s transformation throughout the years. The city of Dasmarinas began as a small barrio in Imus then a municipality until it was elevated as a city in November 26, 2009.

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