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Question: 3.) To what extent were Spartan woman essential to the success of the Spartan state?
Spartan woman out of all the Greeks were said to be the strongest mentally and physically for their time, there rules and responsibilities were flexible and they had more rights compared to any other Greek woman of that time and were treated equal and had the right to learn and be trained in self-defence and played many sports like Spartan man, which became essential to the success of the Spartan state.

In 405 BC Sparta defeated and conquered the Athens and ruled for around 30 years in the ancient Greek society, with this the woman of the Spartan state helped achieve this goal with their skills and hardships which
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The day to day life of a Spartan woman consisted of training that was predominantly gymnastics, strength and fighting practices that prepared them to defend themselves if they're to ever be a war or general fiscal conflict. Spartan women were also tort in art practices such as music and dance these two activities were a big part of Spartan culture and way of the community to bond with each other, it was a way for them to show off their creative skills and to celebrate. Socials environments likes these gave opportunities to woman to show their skills in ways that the man didn't do. Dancing showed of the woman's beauty and body, Spartan women were very proud and confident in their appearance with these assets Spartan women were very strong and confident with themselves because they were brought up to be seen equal to men and did many things that men were doing like athletics and wrestling with these sort of practices woman and man did compete against each other, Athletics was a big thing in ancient Greece

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