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I started working at Mayo Clinic as gift shop/sales person in 2004 before I moved up to financial rep. I enjoyed working there because it is the place where highest quality patient care, discovering culture of teamwork, professionalism and mutual respect exist. I worked with seven other people one was my friend named Mike. We used to go out together outside of work and had great time. At some point, I started noticing that he was acting inappropriate for a professional and well-respected environment. I saw my best friend (Mike) taking left over food home. Hospital policy clearly state that no one takes food home without paying for it, and any suspected incidents of theft or suspicious behavior is to be reported immediately to a supervisor. I thought about many alternatives, but confused on how to handle it. He pleads me not to say anything to anyone, and promises it was only a onetime thing and it would never happen again. To be honest, at that time I was very upset with him and tangled with what to do because he was not just my co-worker, he was also my friend.
The ethical dilemma I was faced with was whether or not I should report Mike to my supervisor for stealing food. It was taugh decistion because either way there will be a consequence. Here are some different ways I could make my decision:
• I could report to my supervisor immediatley about what I just witnessed that Mike doing.
• I could confront my Mike to report himself or I will because it could jeopardize my job.
• I could ignore the situation because he is my friend and I don’t want to report him and get him into trouble, hoping he will resove the problem on his own without my involement.
• I could write an anonymous letter to my supervisor explaining what I had witnessed Mike doing.

If I were to tell my supervisor about what Mike had done, the consequence might be that the supervisor

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