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Stereotypes About Illegal Immigrants

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A typical day of a citizen in my world consists of hiding all the time to not get deported. Going to work and coming home before the night.

The people around my world that are illegal are scared. Illegal immigrants usually don't go outside unless it's to take out the trash. They go to work and then come right back home and repeat every day. Illegal people don't go to big events like parties and things like that. They live everyday scared that one day they are going to get arrested and get sent back to their country.

There is a lot of gossip around the streets about illegal immigrants. Mostly the older people are the ones the gossip more. You walk around the streets and that's all you hear people talk about. Some don't bother talking about it and prefer talking about something more pleasant. …show more content…
While that sounds really good imagine eating that everyday. I would get tired of eating sandwiches all the time. A large percent of the community is poor and can't afford going out to eat. Not only they are poor but undocumented people are scared to go

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