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Storms In Louisiana

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Everyone that lives in Louisiana is familiar with hurricanes. They have destroyed houses, neighborhoods, cities, and families. These destructive stormsSo say have a season for when they pass but in reality they are very unpredictable. Believe it or not there several ways to prepare for these unpredictable storms bfore they become to close and to dangerous.

With the technology we have these days we are alerted ahead of time when there’s a storm brewing in the golf. It is always a good idea use these alerts to start preparing, gathering, and buying supplies that may be essential to riding out these sometimes very long lasting storms.

One of the key components in preparing for a hurricane is finding the correct shelter. Unfortunately in Louisiana we are not blessed with underground rooms or basements, which are the most ideal for these situations. Some thing we can do though is find a room with absolutely no windows. We go in a room with no windows Incase of the event of strong wind that blow debris into the window and break them in on us. Make sure the room you go in is build on a good firm structure. Most people suggest going into a bathroom! …show more content…
How do you do that? Get a generator! You can use this to cook, for lighting, and to plug up a radio or smart phone to keep track of the storm! It is important to try and get a generator because you do not always know exactly how long you will be stuck without power! That also means no air conditioning, and no AC during hurricane weather calls for hot and muggy climates inside your

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