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This study is dedicated to my parents and friends who bring me immense source of joy
and fulfilment.


I am deeply indebted to Mr. Jeremiah Kagwe for his guidance, patience and insightful
input from the commencement of this project to its completion. I wish also to express my
appreciation to the School of Business, MBA lecturers without whose enormous
contribution in class sessions, this work would have not been possible.

I am also grateful to my entire family members. Their encouragement, patience and
understanding were attributes without which I would not have successfully completed the

I have also received support and motivation from several fellow MBA students during
class sessions, group discussions and project writing. Their handwork and determination
gave me the energy to persevere to the end.

The staff of KPLC who willingly and heartily expended their time and effort to be
interviewed made it possible for me to come up with the research findings.

Finally and most importantly, I wish to express my deep and heartfelt appreciation to the
Almighty God who has graciously made it…...

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