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Strategic Thinking Google

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Summary and analysis——Google in 2008
History,development,growth:Google is an internet search engine company which was established by larry page and serger brin in 1998 who released the basic deteails of a search engine in 1996,in late 1998,google could serving 10000 queries each day,then google raised $25 million funding in 1999 and built a business model through combining the innovation of with google`s search engine,meanwhile,they hired a new CEO,Schmidt,who had helped google to transite to a new stage.Several new services were rolled out,ads could be ranked by users and generate big economic advantage;Adwords was introduced in 2000 and upgraded in 2002 which include full set of pay-per-click advertising,keywords auction,etc ranked by relevance;Adsense then was publiced in 2003 which allowed third-party publishers to access google`s network of advertisers on a self-service basis and google split revenues with them.With rapidly grow up,google formulated a vision(Organize world`s information and make it acceptable and useful.) and lists of values to shape the evolution of the company.In 2004,google started to auction off shares to public with $85 a share.Google then inroduced other creative products like gmail,google map,etc as well as enter some partnership agreements.
Then we do some SWOT analysis.
Strengths like google have a very innovative search engine and they offer varies of services as well as new products and tools which own to the innovative corporate culture;The three-step advertising program generated economic advantage sequentially;Since their core value is focus on the user,customer experience would be in high level of satisfaction.
Weaknesses could be apparent that google relys most revenues on advertising which maybe risky;Some products like froogle and google`s travel were totally lose;Meanwhile,google faced many sue events due to...

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