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Structure of the Courts


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Structure of the Courts
Paige Michaud- McClorey
CJS 220
June 15, 2011
Jodi Delgado

Structure of the Courts
Three branches separate the government: executive, legislative, and the judicial each have distinct areas of responsibilities. I would like to start my Court System Structure for the State of Ohio from the bottom and work my way up to the top. Structure for the State is state appellate courts, and state trial courts. Sources of law consist of the state constitutions, state penal codes and local ordinances. These are laws enacted by state and local governments. Federal structure involves the federal appellate that is a five-judge panel and the federal trial courts. Sources of law are the U.S. Constitution, Code of federal regulations, and United States Code. These are laws enacted by Congress or executive agencies. Although the Mayor’s Court is not part of the judicial branch of Ohio government, Louisiana and Ohio are the only two states where mayors can preside over a court. They hear cases in violation of state traffic laws and local ordinances.

Municipal and County Courts these courts are created by the General Assembly. Both courts have the authority to hear felony cases, and jurisdiction over traffic and non-traffic misdemeanors. Municipal and County Court judges must be attorneys with at least six years’ experience in law.

A court of Claims judge assigned by the Chief Justice hears cases involving suits against the state such as property damage, discrimination, wrongful imprisonment, and compensation for victims of crime. There are also the Courts of Common Pleas in the 88 counties in the State of Ohio.

The Probate Division established in 1851 as separate independent courts with jurisdiction. This division can issue marriage licenses, hear mental competency cases and adoption proceedings.

The Juvenile Division hears cases, which

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