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Jeremy Kindy Everything we do in life is done for the goal of eventually being successful. No one wakes up and says they want to be mediocre, or that they want to fail. The difference in being successful or not, lies in the idea of what successful means to you. Success as described by Merriam Webster’s is “gaining or having gained success”. Merriam Webster, (n.d.) With that we need to know what success is in your eyes. Success can be two different ends of the spectrum from being a millionaire to being debt free. It could be as simple as having a job you enjoy, a loving family and living the American Dream. As you read on I want you to understand my passion for being successful, successful at home, successful at work and with both of those tackled; successful in life. To be successful at home starts the foundation of a successful life. Being that positive role model for my son. Being the loving husband for my wife. Doing all the little things that need to get done to have a happy home. Even the mundane day-to-day things like mowing the yard, taking out the trash and cleaning the cat box. In order to be a success at home I have to ensure I take the advice of a famous poet, philosopher and author, Ralph Waldo Emerson; He said, “The future belongs to those who prepare for it”. Great-Quotes (n.d.) I heard this quote in high school, and it got me to thinking, to have a positive future you have to prepare. That one simple thought, those few words, have compelled me to have a plan for my success. It was almost and epiphany. I started at that point to plan on how to be a success. The first step would be to get a career. The plan started out with a clear path for a career. A career, which will allow me to meet goals that I have set for myself, and still, be something that I enjoy. My parents were not well off, but as a kid I never had to do without. My father sat me down and said “Son, make choices that will allow you to retire early. Don’t get as old as me and still be working this hard.” That conversation brought about my first goal, which was to get a job and be able to retire early. With having the career choice to make, I had to decide what it was I wanted to do. “The future belongs to those who prepare” was a resonating thought. I decided on a military career. Twenty years of service, and I would be done. Seeing that my father was already fifty and still working hard, he agreed that I had made a sound decision for my future. It has been eighteen years since I first enlisted. I now have a family that I love and work hard to provide for. The quote from my childhood rose in my mind again. With the thought of retiring soon, was I prepared for the future? I would have health care and a set income, but was this going to be enough? I spoke with my wife about our future, and we agreed I would need to do more. Firstly, I would not be able to sit around the house and secondly I would be bored. I then thought, was I a good role model? How can I expect my son to have aspirations of college and continuing his education if I had not? So within my network of friends and influencers, I found out about Columbia Southern University. I am now working towards attaining a new goal I have in my life, to make me even more successful. I am passionate about being a success. I do this in my everyday life. It starts at home, and then I take it to work. I use it in every facet of my life, which is now as a student. This program I am pursing will fit perfectly in to the plan so that I have a future after the military where I can continue to be a success at home and in life. Merriam-Webster (n.d.) Retrieved from
Great Quotes, Ralph Waldo Emerson (n.d.) Retrieved from

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