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The market environment consists of both the macro environment and the micro environment. On macro environment the firm need to follow it and they can’t to control it. It consist variety of external factors that is economic, social, political, legal and technological. In the macro environment the firm should analyze national political issues, culture and climate, key macroeconomic conditions, health and indicators (such as economic growth, inflation, unemployment, etc.), social trends/attitudes, and the nature of technology's impact on its society and the business processes within the society. The microenvironment refers to the internal environment of the company such as consumer/customer, Supplier, competitors, the media (public) and in the microenvironment have the internal environment that is men, money, machinery, materials and minute.
The micro environmental factors that Yum! Brands, Inc needs to consider before attempting to open up Taco Bell stores in the Malaysia markets are the supplier, customer, competitors, the media (public) and the internal environment of the Taco Bell that is men or employees, money, machinery, materials and minute .
To open up the Taco Bell in Malaysia market, Yum! Brands must consider with the suppliers in micro environment. Yum! Brands must make sure that Taco Bell in Malaysia market have the supplier that can supplies all the raw materials to prepare the Taco Bell’s product and other goods such as packaging material in the Malaysia market. Yum! Brands must to identify all the suppliers in Malaysia that can supply the goods to them and deal business with them for example Ayamas Food Corporation and Ramly Mokni Sdn Bhd can supply the meat to the Taco Bell restaurant. Other than that Taco Bell must ensure that the suppliers are not outside from the Malaysia, when the supplier logistic is far so the cost of delivery will be high.…...