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Teamwork Can Produce a Better Product


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Teamwork Can Produce a Better Result!
University of Phoenix – Baton Rouge Campus
MGT 521 / Management

Teamwork Can Produce a Better Result! Advances in technology and diversity have changed the workplace of 1950. Companies in 2009 are now conducting business throughout the United States as well as globally. For example, a company such as The Shaw Group has offices and employees in the United States, China, India, Great Britain and other countries. This globalization has created a need for employees from different offices and countries to work in teams to accomplish company goals. Therefore, companies are now seeking employees who can successfully function in a team environment. The need for employees to function in teams has changed how students are trained. Colleges and universities are changing curriculums to include assignments that students are required to complete in a team environment. University of Phoenix is a nontraditional university where professionals return to school to obtain a master’s degree. Most of these professionals have been in the workplace so long that their teamwork abilities have not been developed. University of Phoenix has recognized that employers require employees to be team players and the universities curriculum has a strong emphasis on team assignments. Teams are comprised of fellow students from diverse environments and these diversities can bring opportunities as well as challenges to a team. Opportunities will allow the team to work together successfully to complete team goals and challenges will allow setbacks to the team accomplishing goals. However, teams can overcome challenges and still accomplish the team’s goals. To demonstrate how diversities can be an opportunity or challenge to a team, let us look at my experience at University of Phoenix. I am enrolled in the MBA program at University of Phoenix. Each team member brings a uniqueness of diversity that will allow the team to be successful and overcome challenges. As part of the MGT521 class, each team member is required to take 3 assessments that were designed to help each member view his or her own and team members diversity in personality, listening, and trust. The results of which can be seen in the table below.


The table above reveals a range of personality types, listening skills, and trust levels from the assessments for each team member and this paragraph will give a brief explanation of the table results. INTJ type is skeptical, critical independent, determined, and often stubborn; ENFJ type is charismatic, compassionate, and highly persuasive; ENTP type is innovative, individualistic, versatile, and entrepreneurial; and ESFJ type is gracious, good interpersonal skill, and eager to please. The table also reveals the listening skills of each member range from 42 – 53. The assessment scores for the listening skills range from 15 to 75 and the higher the score the better listener. A score of 60 or above means listening skills are well and a score of 40 or less indicates listening skills need improving. Finally, the table reveals the trust level of each team member range from 2 – 4. The assessment scores for trust level range from 1 to 5. 1 means high faith in people and individuals with a low score are more likely to choose occupations that are people oriented. 5 means low faith in people and individuals with a high score are more likely to choose occupations that are less people oriented (University of Phoenix, 2009). Initial examination of Team B’s results indicates personalities range from aggressive to passive. Listening skills among Team B members is good while trust level is not very good. The personality difference can prove to be a challenge to Team B; however, Team B will be successful because of the range or personalities. The range of personalities brings a balance of strengths and weaknesses that equalize the aggressive and passive personalities. Team B’s listening skills are good and each member will benefit by listening to the others and consider a different opinion to complete team assignments. Team B’s trust level indicates that each member does not have much faith in people, which could also be a challenge to the team. However, the members of Team B’s other personality traits and listening skills will allow Team B to work beyond any challenges of distrust. I hope that the development of trust among team members will allow members of Team B develop trust for others outside of the team environment.
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